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@High-mish, "Currently smoking: Northern Light Blue, Sour Diesel, Critical Orange Punch and Ducksfoot. I could find a skull in your last picture (of the bud).. Is that a warning for this NL's potency?"

You have a sharp eye, Kemo Sabe! If you look just a little closer you will see it is a Skull and Crossbones, just a little warning for the newer smokers. Ducksfoot - I believe it is related to the Frisian Dew I have grown. I am thinking of growing some Ducksfoot as it looks like it can be grown hidden in plain sight. Well, at least til it flowers!




@longball Thanks! :) I needed another hit of Sour Diesel but now I can see it..

Dutch Passion crossbred their Frisian Dew with a Ducksfoot which became the Frisian Duck. I tried to grow it last Summer but it didn't like our (mediterranean) Summer climate AT ALL. It became a dried out bush and the flowers aren't smokable, unfortunately. It has nothing to do with the genetics, the strain just doesn't seem to fit with our (outdoor) Summer climate.
I want to try growing it during our Winters which are pretty similar to Sping/Fall or even Summer in Western Europe (veg indoors until mid-December and then continue flowering outdoors).

A few more Ducksfoot in the making (7 weeks after cloning):

20210109_205501 (1).jpg

This is the mother:

Optimized-20210109_205349 (1).jpg
Most people don't recognize these as a holy plant... One of my friends (420 friendly) asked me what this plant was, I told him "it's some kind of Thai mint" and he just said "Oh nice" :)
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Hello High-mish!

I live in a temperate climate and the Frisian Dew loved it. Produced the biggest, fattest. purple-iest colas I ever saw! Sorry, no pics :(



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@Kryppler, Longball!!...I wish I could sample everyone of your plants.

Hello Kryppler! ha ha Thank you for the kind offer! I wish you could sample every one of my plants too! While we are at it, we could sample a bit of that Angels' Breathe you posted up in the Bud Of The Month Contest!The more people that try the medicine, the better idea you have of how good the medicine is. My opinion is the last one I want to hear!

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Northern Lights

While I can't swear to the authenticity of the genetics it does appear to have some NL genetics in her. It will be awesome if Shanti releases something from those '96, '98, and '01 seed bags he found with NL genetics in them. I would feel much more confidant about where my genetics came from 😊

Turned out to be a very easy plant to grow.

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She easily lapped up twice the recommended dosage of nutes.

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'Bush In A Bucket'. Sure wish I could plant in soil, maybe then I could really grow something!

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A little flowering stretch and she looks like she should be in soil in the Outback, not a 5gal bucket in upstate NY! Starting to get the purple tinge NL is noted for!

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Why go to the Arctic to see the Northern Lights when they can come to you!

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3 months of curing. Can't quite figure out the aroma, strong but very unique, like nothing else. From the earliest stem rub there was a hint of a mildewey, musty smell. In a bit of irony it was the only plant I had that did not get a bit of PM or mold on it, yet you can still pick up that smell. Sometimes I get a whiff of what reminds me of pea soup. I love pea soup but I'm not sure I want my smoke to smell like that! ha ha Taste is rather nondesript - neither good or bad but that is not so important.

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What is important is the high. Reminds of some things I smoked years, if not decades ago. I love how the high keeps coming on in waves. Just when you start thinking about another hit - whoosh - you realize you might be higher now than you were an hour ago. Love that! Not a hint of couchlock for an indica based plant but I must say that my friends are always quick to point out that I have never owned a couch in my life! After 3 months of curing it is still quite sticky to touch, loving that too!

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well now those are some glorious looking trihichromes there


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day 467 of smoking mac one caps cut, or mac one caps cut extract. patiently waiting for some stuff that just went into flower from other breeders. photo to large. and I am tech dumb so, o pic today!

Tom bolenate

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Calyx to leaf ratio. What's that?

Neville's Haze #3
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Calyx to Calyx ratio in your case.....
I was pissing my pants when I read the cool kids comments of your NH picture n the MNS Instagram:
"it's bad because it's foxtailing believe me I'm an expert, it's a sign of overheat stress"

I wanted to reply "shut up, finish your joint of blue sherbet gorilla cookie kush, and go to your bedroom to do your homework"....