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Eight months of smoking my ASH and U2 has changed my life. I hardly touch the GSC anymore. Hazes from now on.
This is about https://scoliosisinadults.com/ A certain degree of curvature is normal in the human spine. For example, the smooth inner and outer curves of the neck, back and lower back are necessary to keep the body properly balanced and aligned over the pelvis. When viewed from behind, the vertebrae of a healthy spine should form a straight line.
I’m hunting down those seeds you recommended. I’m going to order some direct from Shantibaba
Can you recommend any books?
If you want some time machine stuff where you'll get a nice harem of different meds, try the affy haze.
You can get a bespoke smoke.
Angel breath is another really good Joe for unique expressions.
It's fun to grow and get to know a bunch of ladies with unique personality.
Mango widow grows more India style, but it pretty knockout
Nev skunk is another good type.
If all of it clicks you get a tree that throws dense huge fruit that can weep resin and stink for miles. The eucalyptus terpes that show up make your heart skip ( his nordle pure and mango/noodle did miraculous stuff for me )
The grail throwing to Nevil haze and widow late types, could be beyond scary
Both r pretty trippy but if both clicked it may be some real roller coaster shit from high n happy to concentrated and insular and back up again. Probably stupefying if you enjoyed too much.
Hope you get some goodness.
I'd look at the hazeC ( not Nevil ) lines to use outside this year maybe.
You running down to the solstice.