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Widow AC (WACO)

Widow AC (WACO)




Combining the original Widow female to an old school Haze AC male selection has awoken the aromas of forbidden fruits and some effects that have been lost to all the Kush strains of the last decade. This prodigious yielding plant works on all mediums and inside, greenhouses and outdoors. Its resilience as a stand along plant is something impressive. The need for selection is imperative if you are searching for a particular scent or effect but a sample packet should contain what you are looking for. Greatness is within this seed for the discerning connoisseurs! Flowering time ranges from 10 to 13 weeks but can be quicker once the seed mother is in clone form. Expected yield is all depending upon how long the 18 hr light phase lasts. In general we average 500 to 600 grams per m2 of finished dried flowers. The amount of biomass will relate to the height of the mature plant.
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Widow AC (WACO)	Widow AC (WACO)
Heritage: Widow x Haze AC
Category: Exclusive limited editions - New blends of old school genetics
Family of breed: Widow and Haze makes for a great family
Breeder: Shantibaba
Preferred medium: all mediums but intended for outdoor, directly into the earth.
Expected yield: 600+gr per m2
Flowering period: Expected to be completed in early October in the Northern Hemisphere...and April in Southern Hemisphere.
Recommendations: It will become a tall plant if not pruned as an outdoor plant so tipping it may be a must.
Special Notes: The Widow won in 1995, 96,97 and 98, the Hazes have won a plethora of times so this is another pedigree genetic line up and a base for any hobby breeder wishing to add some spice into his lines. Practical flowering plants will be abundant but the curing of the finished flower maybe be best after 3 months...gets you WACO when you find it!
Lab analysis (%):THC 20+%, CBD 1%, CBN and CBC and CBG in small amounts
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