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La Niņa

La Niņa




A family member that had previously been kept private for The Family. Known also as El Nino (Bio Cup 98 HTCC) but it is better as a female therefore the name change to La Niņa. It manifests characteristics that are predictable, contrary to her previous name implies. She has a genetic composition of Haze x Widow, making her an inevitable candidate for a hot love story with her consumer. Those who grow La Niņa will be in for a happy end product and a delightful growing let the seed take you on a journey.!
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La Niņa La Niņa La Niņa La Niņa
Heritage: La Niņa
Category: The Naturals - Old school genetics
Family of breed: Brazilian sativa/South India x Haze
Breeder: Shantibaba's
Preferred medium: Bio and hydro, indoors, outdoors/greenhouse
Expected yield: indoor 450-550 g/m2 g/h & outdoor g/plant dependent on climate.
Flowering period: Indoor expect it to be ready 56-70 days. In the North/hemisphere it will be ready by October and in the South/hemisphere it will be complete by April.
Recommendations: For the inexperienced growers to the most advanced cultivator.
Special Notes: A winner of the HTCC in 98, know also as El Niņo. Also a very hardy and reasonable practical hybrid.
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