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Black Widow aka White WidowHTCC '95...and numerous other awards
Medicine Man aka White RhinoHTCC '96
Shark Shock aka Peacemaker aka Great White SharkHTCC '97 and many since...
La Niña aka El NinoHTCC '98
Super Silver Haze aka Silver HazeHTCC '97, 98, 99, 2000 and onwards
Dreamtime won Basque country (Spain)CC... early 2000
Critical Mass aka Big BudHTCC '89... and numerous since...
Shit also known as Skunk#1HTCC '88... and numerous since...
Master Kush Skunk HTCC '94

Other strains have won other awards but since 1998 we at MNS lost interest in the way awards are worked out and since it is mainly the same shops continuously involved in the HTCC we prefer the growers of MNS strains to enter if they wish but we do not have the energy to do this side of the industry at present.

We present this page to try and show that strains at different companies may carry the same name but the origins of the parent plants may not be the same as at MNS. All the genetic origins of the plants mentioned above are plants we have in our library of mother and father plants at MNS and continue to breed with for the growers pleasure.

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