Z8 x Afghan haze


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I really hate to post without pictures to illustrate what I'm talking about but here goes

I only ran 5 seeds which I was under the impression they were female seeds as states in the aution I won them in years ago.
2 males got discarded (full blown males no sign on any female) not really an issue, as the space was useful in the end

Of the 3 that were female.

All very sativa leaning phenos

1 being a super heavy leaning pheno which didnt get to finish properly if I'm honest but they all were very similar.

Extremely orange zestyness followed by a strong haze aroma. So strong once you have smelt it. It will not leave you senses.
I always checked them last in the room or I could never get a proper smell off anything else.

1 plant being a very heavy yielded. Out shining some plants in the yield department spite being in a pot half size!
Now if you have run a cutting that floats around the UK called Tangie/tangie haze. And I had a joint rolled of each.

I highly doubt you could tell the difference.

Growing wise they were no where close to being the same but smoke wise. Wow.

1 pheno i had was so dead on the smell and taste when I showed a friend he turned to me and said " I thought u killed the tangie mum off...."

Now this strain isnt personally for me.
Hence why I never kept my tangie mum .

Just thought I would make this thread Incase someone has been like me and has these seeds stored away somewhere but has read this and thought it's the strain that is for them :)

Hats off to mr shanti.

Something I didnt expect from that but good none the less.
Still have tons of old seed to get through so I'll post up in the future with some picture next time as I'm sorting a new camera soon :D
Probably some NL5x nexttime round from MNS camp
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