Whats Up with walkabout?



Walkabout is MrNice's 'Outdoor' Mix Pack. If you are in Greenland, I would not recommend it, as probably only early queen/early skunk would finish early enough for you. The Dreamtime is the 'Indoor' mix. I will be running these this summer, as they are mostly indicas, or indica hybrids, and will finish for me. Are you planting outdoors? Greenhouse?


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just got a pack of walkabout and i am in the the uk. there cheap so i don't mind if most my crop turns to mould because i am using them to test new grow sites mostly. if there's a few that finish then good but don't mind if they don't. its cheaper than leaving £5 notes on post like someone recommended to do for new sites.;) so there will be a grow report might be a bad 1 with a lot of mould or a lot of thieving but they will be 1;)
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is this the same strain from years passed. because the genetic makeup makes it an ol' skool hybrid i use to know.


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5 quid notes

that's a good piece of advice, leaving bank notes in the place where you intend to grow... :D

I wanna try that walkabout next year.

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I ran this strain last summer its a good not break the budget strain, It is deceiving cuz it will produce some fine smoke..