What are YOU smoking today? (PICTURES)


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Good morning Amerika!

Nothing starts the day off better than to put fire to a cup of Mango Haze IBL. This is part of last year’s outdoor crop.
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Like a Buick Roadmaster on cruise control, she gets you there in style and comfort.
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More about comfort, she doesn’t exhibit quite the frenetic activity of some speedier hazes like Neville’s but the clarity is maintained. Thoughts come in more digestible forms.
And the rich leather seats... Would you like another cup?

So does the mango come with mango Terps now ? It use to taste like urine /ammonia/ sweet rose . Let's see $100 a pack , will need probably 5 packs minimum. Then spend the next 2 years growing 12 week plants to find something people will actually smoke . NOPE I would not like another cup . Let me know when strength , 8 weeks , taste show up . I really do not feel like repeating the 80s and 90s again . Been their done that . I'm just a normal man with a normal life not a commercial breeder . I do not want to waste money on electric, males, space ..... I just want good American taste and strength in under 8 weeks , I'll save the pheno hunts for the people with money to blow , but thanks for the offer, AmeriCa out


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She is certainly very uplifting, a positive mood changer. It’s a warm feeling; a warm breeze that slides through your wingtips as you soar! I will not be surprised when after a decent cure, she comes on in an even more powerful and trippier way.

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