What are YOU smoking today? (PICTURES)


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Fight! For your right to party!

Ok, men! Let's go! PARTY!!!


Why we fight!


I was told it is called 'Clear Haze'. No amount of searching turned up anything about a 'Clear Haze'. I will say the high is clear though. A very nice smoke.
Good pot,
Haze it's not!



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Now that's what I'm talking about, musashi! :) Thanks for posting that up! Looks very similar to pic in post #54, but much nicer picture. Gotta love that new camera!


Tom bolenate

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Peeled off another chunk of the cola from the Neville's #7 I grew last year. She looks a little different from post #54 but still has that incense and spice. How am I supposed to compare this to Holy Grail? They are both superlative!

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You're pushing bud porn limit to another level!
Pervert! 🤪

How does they compares to sativa's Dom hybribs you can get in legal shop where you live?
Same question for indica like Ortega you've grown in the past.
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Aloha everyone!

Thanks for the compliment brah lol!

A lot of good weed out there these days. We are fortunate to have so much abundance. The question is, “are you interested in breeding or just scoring good weed?”

I rarely frequent shops anymore because of cost and quality. And then there are all these jars 🤣 There are no sativa comparisons that come close to Neville’s Haze, Doors or Holy Grail. While the most popular shop here sells product called Amnesia, Panama, Tangie by the gram ($14), they all look suspect and the ones I have tried in the past, i.e. SSH, Amnesia, Ghost Train have all lacked power. SSH is available mostly in cartridges and concentrates but I prefer good old-fashioned flower and hash. Neville’s Haze, Doors, Mango Haze what’s that? Most bud tenders are up on the latest candy names but they lack depth as far as the classics go. Besides, $14/gram- when I can buy a full straw of Doors for around the same price? Clones are $25 now. BTW, I'm higher than shit this morning on Back Door Man (NHxDoors)- think I've been working on this post for over an hour now hahaha.

Seems everything else in the shop over here is made up of the basic building blocks of Chemdog, OG, GSC. Most everything is an OG or Cookies variety.

Lipstick on pigs. What’s in a name-drop? Nom du jour is Sherbet, Cherry Pie, Pink Panties, Lucky Charms, Peanut Butter, Berry, Grape, Vanilla, Apple fritter, Cookies and cream, Cereal milk- enough to make your mouth water at $200-350/zip. I’m out of my element with too many choices in name alone and yet composition isn’t that much different. More Follywood, marketing poser shit- a copy of a copy. What do you expect from Californica? Oops, did I say that? I like the simplicity of pedigreed IBL’s like Ortega, Nordle, Shit. I consider them heirlooms- dependable, been around a while. And that Ortega, what a magnificent plant! My bias comes from my own experience. Breeding stability is what I look for as I’ve already had my share of schizoid plants ruining an entire crop. Hey, we all like nice smelling, tasting weed but not at the expense of power.

Everyone has their favorite name, team or flag they like to wave, good on them- whatever makes you happy. One life- follow your bliss, NOW! For me, I like to know what I am really getting and don’t feel confident spending obscene monies on name alone touted by the cute 29 yr. old “expert” bud tender (give it up, no, she will never sleep with you and would you really want to?) It always comes down to confidence and trust. I prefer to spend my money on known, stable genetics I can put my finger on. Excellent breeding material found in regular seeds- I am grateful for the MNS option. These are all my opinions and sardonics of course while high on sativa.



IMO a lot of the dense buds with “bag appeal” just don’t smoke as nice as properly grown airy buds of the same strain. Seems like the denser buds have more roughage that make for a harsher smoke....maybe just me.


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this is funny because I picked up mr. nice couple years because every clone I got to grow was way to strong for me so I wanted to try old school seeds . Widow- buzzy but short lived, critical haze - confused high made me edgy , nordle - I think I got cbd nordle . Afghan haze also made me drowsy and irritable. Moved on to the European feminized marked , should be illegal to steel names from American strains , because they are not the same in any way , I should of expected that , but again I didnt get ripped off either . Back to clones , it's just to easy , feminized even seems like a pain in the ass nowadays. Someday maybee I'll be able to pheno hunt mr nice seeds for that plant nobody else has but it's to much work giving the rules and worked involved , family etc. With that being said and my limited time with seeds from across the pond .. I'm not finding the terpenes, it's hard to go from Terps that actually taste like skittles, taffy , diesel, lemons, you the Europe floral, pine, mint ,sometime a little skunk , sweet orange .. almost ,incense sticks of the Europe seed banks even then the buds need to be crack and sniffed to get a whiff. My Mr nice seeds grew great , they were a little to smelly while growing and not enough smells in taste after cure, kind of the opposite of what I'm use to . Talking with younger people they are not interested in seeds at all , just proven clones which is what America has always been about find the plant and spread it from basement to basement from coast to coast . Most these strains made it from coast to coast in clone from before the European breeders had a chance to wack it with there favorite Afghan to mass produce seeds , by then it's old news . To be honest I think vape pens are the new standard , these younger people are not interested in buds just flavoured vapes . All my mr nice plants grew great so dont attack me , the pheno hut is kind of BS in 2021 but somebody has to keep these old schools alive , so thanku Scott and family. But to say American strains are weak junk.... B S . I get scared smoking some of these new plants , heart attack type stuff . Ive seen seasoned smokers run of to corners hugging their wife for 40 minutes . America is going full vape pen probably within 10 years , who ever is producing feminized seeds for farm fields and combine harvesting will be rich , which is what I believe breeder Steve is doing in central America.