What are YOU smoking today? pics


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Hello acrid!

Did you smoke it yet? Is it better than the Wedding Cake or the Home Grown Leaves you posted up earlier? ;) Taste?

It's much more of everything except maybe the flavor. Mind you it's outdoor grown in dirt from my backyard
with zero fertilizer. Smell is on the citrusy side, taste is mild. I won't being growing using this method, or medium again.
I actually found the high to be much more intense and elaborate after 1 week drying as opposed to the 6 week cure.
Outdoor never was my thing tbh, I'm a city person.


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With all due respect to Shantibaba, his awesome site, and all the great people on it, I'm sorry I haven't been able to post up any MNS gear. I didn't have any because I never heard of this site until I joined a couple months ago. That is all about to change :D

Looks like MasterKushSkunk you got there. Hey Monsterman! I can't wait to see the monsters you grow in your backyard with those MNS seeds!:D



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Today's another story, can't hate on the outdoor. Le menu du jour is:
Amnesia I snagged from the spring cleaning auction.
You have to risk it for the biscuit!

This one's got my head LIT up like a Christmas tree at the Illuminiert Festival. haha
Mind you, I grew it with the AB in coco, also let her get an extra week inside.



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@musashi, Hey Monsterman! I can't wait to see the monsters you grow in your backyard with those MNS seeds!:

ha ha Monsterman! I would love to earn that nickname! I spent the last 2 years wondering where I can grow some plants in soil. Still looking. I live in an area of 1.2 million people. No big cities, just urban sprawl everywhere. Houses and people friggin everywhere. Growing is illegal here. So, I am limited to 5gal containers. Can't grow monsters in them! I tried 7 gal containers last year but they are too heavy to move around(when the plants are monsters 😊) which must be done where I grow. So back to 5 gal containers and smaller plants. But monster potent! 😊

Example of a plant being choked by 7gal container. You can see by the 'trunk' on her that if she was in the ground, she's maybe a monster! Good yielder though - 28oz of trimmed bud. Best smelling pot ever 😉 Cured 2.5 months now but have not had time to try it!!!! The plant on the left has monster potential if not in container.

Gold Leaf.jpg

5 gal. containers? Forget about it. Yet that is what I am restricted to next year. Nice plant but no monster. Anyone out there in upstate NY with a little plot of land I can use. I'll grow you some trees and split it with you! 😊 I do have one edge next season - MNS seeds! [Edit: Now that I've been drinking bourbon and smoking J's, she's starting to look kind of sexy. Same thing happens with women when I am out and drinking bourbon and smoking J's o_O]


musashi said: "Looks like MasterKushSkunk you got there."

Yeah, musashi, I did pick up some MasterKushSkunk! These last 2 years I have been growing - nothing but Master Kush, Super Skunk, Northern Lights, and Jack Herer. So MasterKushSkunk seemed like a slam dunk! I said I had no MNS gear but 'Nevil' did some work on the strains I grow so somewhat related to MNS? I also picked up some Early Queen(Nevil) as it is supposed to finish in September. Late September here can be snow or 80 degrees. I also picked up some G13XAfghan Skunk on your recommendation! I am most excited about those seeds. Not sure they will finish here but I have an idea about using my garage as a greenhouse for a month to finish her! ha ha With these MNS seeds next growing season is going to be hellafun! I learned a lot this second grow, hoping some day to do it right! One important thing I learned on this site is - I don't know jack! Just a lucky grower I guess. Every day on this site I get schooled! It's like going to college for free and your homework is growing plants!

Speaking of monsters, we have a new member, @RileyQuin, he can grow trees and I think he may have planted a crop. Pay attention when he posts up if you like outdoor monsters! I sure do!

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