What are these spots?


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Hello All!

Might be hard to see but this plants leaves are covered with thousands of little spots. So small it is hard to tell the color. Plants looks healthy otherwise. If needed, I could email you a picture that can be enlarged. Can't find anything like this on any plant problem charts. TIA!



I agree with cannafish definitely looks like the mites have been at work there, check the underside of the leaves you may see one of the little devils or eggs usually along the veins of the leaves.



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Yup agree with all as well... looks like u can see some webbing on the on the second pic. The leaf to the far left, zoom in on it. Web underneath.


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Looks like the braddahs nailed it. Squiggly lines typically thrip. Chlorotic dots usually bite marks as Fish indicated. Check the undersides as mentioned for light colored eggs and small dark adult bodies. You'll need to spray your plants with a miticide especially the undersides where most of these pests do their business. Be diligent in your spraying regimen for up to 6 weeks. Use a good horticultural product for this. I mostly stay away from overpriced watered-down products sold as canna products. I have had good success with OMRI listed Garden Safe products for organic gardening. Something sticky on the base of your stems keeps those s*theads from climbing up the stem for resettlement. Spray that soil good!



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Hey Guys!

I thank you all for taking the time to respond to my question. Mites was a guess but I'd never seen them before. Problem is plant is 25 miles away so hopefully they are still there when I get out there! I will see if I can figure out what type of mite when I am out there and treat accordingly. Thanks again! :)



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Hello BB!

I have been using an organic spray the last few days made from a soil bacterium called Saccharopolyspora spinosa. It seems to be helping, drying up the eggs and seeing less mites, leafhoppers, catapillars, etc.. Also going to try and pick up some Diatomaceous Earth which is fossilized shells to help keep mites, etc from getting on the soil and stalk. Both products are proven to be very safe for plants and humans. Also very effective. These plants are being grown outdoors in the foothills of the Adirondack Mtns. Seems to be every type of bug in the world there!

Have 3 grows this year and that is by far the buggiest! Having a bit of a problem with leafhoppers on my deck grow but as long as my hands are faster than their legs....they're dead!!! haha With no real winter in New York last year it's a great year for bugs, mice, chipmunks, squirrels, groundhogs, rabbits, and all such pests!