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Yeah, I remember the Queens thread, I read it prior to getting the EH. I still don’t know why a mix would be made with EQ as a parent unless it was to take a bunch of existing long flowering strains and try to make them more manageable. But that would be a lot of doing to be offered as a value pack.

I did get quite a few fragrance/floral/fruity types with the EH, I attributed that to the Afghan…maybe some of it was coming from the EQ. I also found a woodsy/spicy one which I kept. Wasn’t the most potent but was a good social smoke.

If I get some females with the few Walkabouts I have, I would think there would be some similarities if EQ is a parent.

G`day BH

Strike the seeds of the land races and assorted Sativas .Label . flower . Put a proven Early Skunk male in the room / tent . Collect the seeds . Put in a mix .
Plants mature at different rates some early some not . Walkabout .

Easy as falling off a chair . IMO . No special treatment req .

Thanks for sharin

EB .


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Forgot to downsize these pics, sorry about that. Enjoying this round of WA, always great to guess at the genetics.

this one looks like some ssh shots, still ripening and very dense/hard nuggets but smallish yield at least on seed run. has a manog-ish aroma

nickname "medussa" this one has a crazy top, almost like some massive dandelion. no smell at all really and nowhere near ripe\

this one is a huge plant and very much like critical skunk or critical mass. surely from clone you could get very large yields. cotton candy smell

another beast and very similar to the one above but slower ripening. looks like a real indus valley 2x4 to the head!


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take it all in

I like the WA variety better this time around. The earliest plant has been harvested and a sample shot is shown. Evergreen/grapefruit-y taste and very relaxing high. Also some shots of the two very large yielders, they must be CM, CS or afghani variant. No moose were harmed for these shots.



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The one that looks like a big ball on the top. That looks identical to most of the nordle (afghan x skunk) :)


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thanks for that feedback wheezy. It has some oddball side tufts too, the smell is very subdued nothing like a typical skunk or affie and looks to go a bit longish. The shots below are the #2 and #3 on WA harvest with some sample shots. These both were smallish plants but with lots of resin and mostly berry/fruit aromas.



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These are the two largest yeilding plants I have seen from MNS seeds since 90s. Not sure of lineage but assume we are talking CM, CS, NL/AFG, etc. I could see how humidity could be major problem, but inside in dry conditions they just keep getting bigger!. I did chop this one today, very much like CM from back in the 90s. Plan to reveg and take cuts to re-run.

this one is verey similar but a bit larger, a bit slower, and more "veggie" with lots of mass. Truly seems like some of the old BB from 80s/90s. Seems like a 50%+ AFG dom type plant.



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My Walk

Hi there sysadmin

I am new to this forum but not new to growing...outdoors that is. However, compared to some experienced people, my paltry 3 years in the scene is nothing.

Indoors i've had my difficulties and such, but outdoors, very little to speak of. I grow literally 12/12 from seed outdoors in the tropics, and walkabout was one of the first packs I purchased when i started in 2012.

I decided to post here because I can see some interesting similarities with some phenos of Walkabout that I wound up with. Me and my partner went about naming them and whatnot as per our whims and fancies, but in all reality, I think the tastiest bud I've EVER smoked came from the Walkabout. Very close competition to one of the seeds I grew out from Mandala's Safari Mix. (I'm seeing a trend; sometimes these accidental pregnancies yield wonders!)

I got a extremely similar to your latest #2, a very very fruity and extremely sweet taste.

The pheno that you speak of, with a cotton candy smell, I most CERTAINLY had something very very similar to that, and it was the best tasting weed I've ever smoked as I mentioned. Taste was just oozing sweet, but had an unbelievably sharp tang of skunkiness and a sour aftertaste, which was a ridiculous combination.

I found a couple of phenos that reeked of roadkill, and just named them skunk. You have to remember that I know nothing of weed in california, europe, anywhere in the world. Apart from one trip to california and one to germany, I have not smoked the killer weed people speak of. That being said, compared to the weed I got in Basel from a grower friend and the weed I got in Oakland from a fellow breeder, I genuinely felt that my outdoor homegrown weed tasted far superior. Not sure about the high because most of those were hardcore indicas that i smoked - something that we don't get here in India. The semi-indica plants are all rubbed for charas, which is amazing in its own right.

I was so influenced by walkabout that I just placed an order for 100 seeds of the same to grow outdoors in my new farm.

I found that a slight addition of bone meal when the pistil growth begins really really did wonders for the flavours. A little too much though, and yield really came down, not sure why.

I am loving your grow and budshots, they are all very nostalgic (even though it was hardly 2-3 years ago).

I will start my own walkabout thread soon. I will be staying active here and comparing!

Best Vibes

El Chupa


Lovely buds you got there Sysadmin whatever they are! Hope the re veg is successful and you get to keep that girl for a while.