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Hello All!

Trying to describe the aroma of this particular Jack Herer plant has been a bit difficult because for the last 50 years my friends and I had only 3 descriptors for the smell, taste, and potency of weed. For example, smells good, smells really good, smells like chit. Same with taste and potency. This has worked with 100% accuracy for the last 50 years. lol Since joining this site a couple months ago I see things are described a bit differently!

So, we sat around a few times seeing if we could come up with something a bit more descriptive. We came up with some rather easy things that usually come up when describing Jack Herer. When first opening the jar, everyone notices the sweetness but there is more than that, of course. As the gasses let out and the smell fills the room you can smell pepper, spiciness, cinnamon, and cloves are all commonly named. All pretty typical of Jack Herer. As a bud sits there smelling up the room or the jar is kept open you know the smell is still much more complex than that. I kept getting a whiff of something that made me think of gas or diesel but much too sweet for that. Jet fuel?

Then I remembered! VP 110 Octane Racing Fuel that I use in my race car! Racing fuel does not smell like gasoline at all. It smells much too sweet for that. Racing fuel smells much more like nitromethane but sweeter. Nitromethane is used in Top Fuel dragsters and is very 'explosive'. Kind of like this Jack Herer high! As some of my racing friends came by, I asked if they could smell the racing fuel smell in the Jack. Sure, enough they could and with a great big smile on their face. Racers tend to love the smell of racing fuel and they had never smelled it in weed before. When I asked people not familiar with the racing fuel smell if they smelled gas or anything like it, they all came up with turpentine, another somewhat common Jack Herer smell.

So far, we got pepper, spicy, cloves cinnamon, racing fuel, and turpentine with the racing fuel being unique. There is more I'm sure but I need someone like Shrimp&Grits who has an awesome ability to describe smells to help me out.

The other Jack Herer I grew does not smell like that at all. While still very sweet smelling the aroma is much fruitier with earthy undertones and just a hint of pepper and spice and everything nice. The highs of both plants are very similar. Very cerebral, hits immediately, and last for hours. The big chit-eating grin is a dead giveaway that you just smoked some Jack!


The Jack Herer Racing Fuel Plant. I'd much rather grow plants this size than the monstrosities I am growing this year. It yielded 7.5 oz. of hi-octane racing fuel bud and it's not much bigger than the bicycle! Lots of buds a big as beer cans!


The Racing Fuel Bud. All the sugar coating must be why it smells so sweet?


The Smell. 55 gallons of it!


The High. Very cerebral and immediate! I am in the black car heating up my tires in the water box before the race. I won!

The High.jpg


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Great post my friend!
So, did we get a clone of that race fuel Jack?
I have grow it a few times over the years. Every time inconsistent, as if it was a different plant. Last year I grew a Jock Horror which is a rip off of Jack Herer I guess. Plant was huge and beautiful, but since it came down in the rain rains of last October I couldn’t get a good dry.
like the breeders here at Mister Nice say it’s about selection. You don’t want to lose when you get a keeper.
love the pictures!


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Hello BB!

Thanks for the kind words, always nice to hear 😊 Sadly, no clones were taken. It was my worse looking plant and no one clones the worst plant? But I will tell you a story about the plant that I hope you find interesting and maybe a lesson to be learned. Perhaps the Jack Herer Racing Fuel Plant will live on in legend! lol

When the plant was a little over 2 feet tall something came by and ate it down to 8-9 inches! Didn't think it would make it. I could see bite marks on stems and branches. I took a sterilized razor and cut off the parts that were bitten to keep bacteria from the animal's mouth from infecting the plant. I then topped the plant and put tiny pieces of scotch tape over the wounds to keep to them clean. The plant did nothing for weeks but stayed a healthy green. I watered it when the soil was dry. When it started growing again it was the runt of the litter.

Come harvest time a little plant with little beer can size buds didn't get the attention the giants with buds the size of my forearm got. The only odd thing I noticed about the plant was - and before you laugh at how dumb I was(am), keep in mind the last time I grew before 2019 was when I grew some Panama Red in 1976 - 42 years between grows - all the buds were oozing a clear sticky fluid that looked like clear honey. Resin? Racing Fuel? Yeah, I'm a dumbass! It glistened in the sun but no matter how many pictures I took it never showed up in the pics. The other plants were oozing a bit but this was crazy. Every day I would go out with a pair of tweezers and pick bugs out of this stuff. Moths, leafhoppers, spiders, fly's, beetles, inchworms, bees, you name it and I picked it out. Didn't want to smoke them later. Stuff was really thick and sticky!

I didn't clone the plants with the forearm size buds because after checking out some grows from other growers it was very clear that I had grown the smallest and worst looking plants of the group. Who clones that stuff? To be honest, I felt I had failed as a grower and was even jealous of their plants. I had followed all their instructions and still failed. What a great disappointment!

Over the winter as we sampled each other's ware's it was soon very obvious that all my plants smelled the best, tasted the best, and were by far the most potent! WTF? (Lesson coming) The race was won at the end - during the drying and curing phase. Something the other guys can't be bothered with! And - the Jack Herer Racing Fuel jars had not been opened yet! No one had any idea what to expect.

The labels on the Racing Fuel jars said it had been put in jars on Oct. 6, 2019 for curing. They were opened a couple times to let some gasses out but never sampled. I finally decided to try it on the Summer Solstice, June 21, 2020. It had cured for almost 9 months! I set out a 1 gram bud and did some chores around the house. That little bud started to fill the house with the most unique smell. Something in 50 years of smoking I had never smelled! I was sure it was going to be something special. Yeah, I should have cloned it. Who knew?

The rest of the story, as they say, is a mystery!


My other plants - the worst looking plants out of a group of growers. o_O Well, the Jack plant was actually the worst looking!

Plant (2).jpg

Worst looking buds too!

Bud (2).jpg


Im a bit or a fan of the jack herer.
i grew some SSH, but it doesnt seem similar.

do you think the sweet smell that you are smelling, is like vht?

i got to help crew on a nostalgia top fuel dragster.

i had a nice jack, took only 67 days, and havent found anything as good since.
but i wont support sensi, so ill look through shanti's hazes.
i think NH is the best place to search, or a nh x other haze cross.


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Hello Throwback!

Decade's ago I got something that was reputed to be Nevil's Jack Herer. It was by far the best smoke I ever tried. To this day. Been in love with Jack ever since. However, nothing has matched that first batch since. I wouldn't say the sweet smell is like VHT but I should try to pinpoint what the sweet smell is. The smell of VHT does make me feel at home thought lol The formula for VHT TrackBite was changed and it is now called PJ1 TrackBite. I will not support sensi either! Crewing on that top fuel dragster sounds like fun! I'd do it just to smell the nitromethane and burning rubber :) They smell like.....Victory! haha I want to grow some NH SO bad but my season ends in early October and NH would most likely go to December. That makes me sad ;)

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the jack herer is the most strong weed i ever see

i have buy 2 sleepers of jack herer at the blue bird coffeshop

it was 25 florins (12 euros) 1,9 gr the most expensive weed of the shop not the same now fuck euro

the weed was unsmokable very strong with a very dense smoke

i had a mother plant for years it was a sour jack the most strong odor a ever see


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quinxstar said:
the jack herer is the most strong weed i ever see
I will agree with this.

However, in all fairness, I am not sure it is possible to compare the landraces I smoked in the 70's to the hybrids of the 90's to the strains of today. I have different knowledge and experience today than I did then. Also kind of judging on memory, and human memory has been proven to be quite faulty.

I remember once around '76 getting some 'Gold' that was sooo good. I decided to buy a bit and hopefully sell some and get some for free. Started out ok but then people started bringing it back and demanding their money back! WTF? The problem - they got too damn high and didn't like it. Thought maybe it was treated or something. Scared me a bit. I knew a scientist who said to send it to this lab and have it checked for insecticide, chemicals, etc. The report came back. Nothing but marijuana. To this day people still say that was the strongest pot they ever smoked. Even though they brought it back!

Would that pot seem that good today with the experience and knowledge of today? Compared to today's 26% THC strains? How do I compare things 50 years apart on only memory and old stories?

While I ponder this question I will take a hit of this Jack Herer Racing Fuel Plant and soon forget what the question was! :)



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Nice plants!
In my personal experience with JH, the first Release of JH seed was killer!
After that first release JH was never the same again from seed, of course we know why now.
I'm not sure what Sensi used to make the second batch and onwards...I'm not going to even try to speculate!
Whatever the case....I would love an old JH cut!
I've been looking at Brothers Grimm new release rosseta stone.
Having seen and tested results from friends I'm really interested to have a good dig through a pack or five.
I've tried many JH releases from different companies over the years, always been a disappointment.
Still great smoke in most cases, but not what I was looking for
I don't know, maybe we are just nostalgic and will never find it again....was fun while it lasted🤣


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Well said, sensient! Yeah, it was one of the first releases of JH that was so good. I'm sure nostalgia and getting together telling old stories make things better than they really were. Nowadays, I am past caring what the 'best' pot is/was. There is more great pot out there now than at any time in history! I am loving it. What a great time to be alive and getting high! :):)



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Yes, it started out as a Buick Regal. As it went down the production line it was converted into a 'Grand National', limited production run. When I bought the car new 34 years ago I insured it as a Buick Regal. Price about 650 USD a year. I was young and single, and my first car. About a week later the insurance company calls, "Longball, that's not exactly a Buick Regal is it?". Me: "Huh?". Insurance: "It is the fastest factory production car in America, isn't it?". Me: "Really?". New insurance rate: 2250 USD!

With my need for speed it was not quick enough! Youth! After blowing off a number of Vette's and Mustang 5.0's(both pesky little things) I had a new goal. The goal: I wanted this Grandpa's 17K Buick Regal to be quicker than 300K+ Ferrrari's, Lamborghini's, Vette's, Viper's, whatever, bring it on! I sent the motor, transmission, torque converter, etc. to the best race car builders in America! I took out the factory computer and put in an aftermarket computer that allows for individual cylinder tuning. It is hooked up to a computer screen on my dashboard so I can monitor and log the motor at all times.

I also have a neat little device that allows me to switch tunes at the flip of a switch. Street tune, race tune, valet tune, etc. So if someone wants a piece of me at a red light I can quick switch from street tune to race tune. Of course it can no longer be bought to a dealer or garage. It can only be tuned by my laptop or someone with the same software.

I can tell you from experience that Ferrari or Lamborghini, etc, owners are not gracious losers. They will not look at me or the 'Regal' after they get dusted. They did look pretty smug before the race. However, their girlfriend's give me a big smile and a thumb's up!!! That alone makes all the money and hard work well spent!



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I saw above where sensient mentions rosetta stone from brother grimm ?
I acquired some of the original stock quite a while back directly from Mr. Soul.
Being entirely honest, it will produce quite well if you give it a long veg time....it does not stretch at all in flower and will be the exact same size as when you kicked in 12/12, just covered in buds.
It's rather boring, nothing in taste or stone says anything other than 'yep, that's pot'.
It was perfectly bland in all aspects....sorry, perhaps a heads up that might help you ?
I can only hope that it has been refined in some way.

Used to run a racing goped (yep seriously) that had 19:1 compression, fuel mix was 40% nitromethane, 50% sunoco sr18 race gas, and 10% peanut oil.
Nothing smelled better.
You could watch people as you went by, 5 seconds after every nose was turned up and they were sniffing hard.
BTW, that goped did just a tad over 55 mph with a 30cc engine, we called it the mankiller, everyone that ever got on it bled at some point from looping that scary little monster.


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"Used to run a racing goped (yep seriously) that had 19:1 compression, fuel mix was 40% nitromethane, 50% sunoco sr18 race gas, and 10% peanut oil.
Nothing smelled better."

I would love to get a whiff of that!

"...that goped did just a tad over 55 mph..we called it the mankiller, everyone that ever got on it bled at some point from looping that scary little monster"

Ahh, the joy of youth! Mom always said that was going to hurt when you get older! lol Looking back in hindsight I can see where....maybe I should have took that turn a little faster, or stayed in it a little longer on the straightaway...
Thanks for the tip on rosetta stone. I was curious about it.


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"I’d like a 65 GS."

OMG, BB! The American cars made from '63 to '71'. So many beauties. And so many options. There must be a half dozen cars I would love to have from every year! The performance cars from those years are like the landraces of American performance. Today's performance cars are much faster and handle better but like today's hybrid strains they are evolved from what came before them.

First pick 😃 1970 Chevelle SS. Motor Option: 454 Cubic Inch, 450 Horsepower LS6. As a street thumper is was an "axe wielding barbarian laying waste to everything in it's path"! Yeah, better give me a few of them 😃