U2 Mysterious Waze


that 'sweet' taste . . .

so i have determined that the 'sweet' and 'caramel' flavor was coming from the high sugar content in the plant (new fertilizer works well ;) )

when i flower/cure longer the Real plant characteristics start to come out . . . i will have to do another run of the U2 (it's up for an outdoor plot this year, so we'll see how that gets taken care of . . . ) to rate and show again.

everyone was low on supply so the U2 went too fast to properly cure . . .

right now we have a g13Xwidow - it was the only one the cat didn't eat - that takes 10 weeks and it pretty good.

the critical haze is next in line for selection between 3 females . . .

then angel's breathe or U2 again - probably the U2 . . . i have a proper camera now, so i can document better again
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