U2 Mysterious Waze


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early flavors . . .

the early flavors coming through on the now 3 females is reported to be "citrus" and "pine" - when pressed further the "citrus" was described as a lemon/orange - with a sweet sherbet afternote that is quickly dominated by pine that comes across kind of 'funky'.



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kessil a360 magenta and HO T5

i believe those are kessil a360 magenta and T5 fluorescents.

i'll have to get a more recent photo, maybe this weekend . . .


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Cool would like an update
not much info of U2 on the boards
let us know how they turn out
I have a pack in the vault


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still waiting on pic.s . . .

I'm still waiting on pic.s . . . guy says he expects to harvest some time near september. down to 2 females. didn't say what happened to the other one . . .

So, found out that homeboy smoked the other female - that's why he only has 2 left. at this rate he may not make it to the end . . . pic.s soon . . .
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quick dried

so, early tests of some 'quick dried' specimens: the flavor is nice. some berry with just a hint of orange/citrus - gives it a 'sherbert' kind of flavor . . . still early . . . and there is also a taste 'pine' that comes out on the finish, but right now it's mild.

also, as of now the high is mello/relaxing but very clear not foggy or couch lock . . . it's nice.

still at least 1 month to go.
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bullet the blue sky . . .

so there were 2 basic phenotypes observed between the 3 females.

The Early (showed sex after approximately 1 month 12/12 from seed): more hearty/tolerant of grow conditions, definitely more grape/berry flavors - not so much with the citrus or pine, under absolutely horrible grow conditions we knew would cause problems the main problem has been under/over watering. It's Strong.

The Late (showed sex 2 to 4 weeks later than The Early): more fickle, doesn't tolerate novice mistakes or inexperience, both some grape and some citrus pine flavors come through. but structured is likely to be more sparse looking early on . . .

so - because the grow conditions are not anywhere near dialed in for either phenotype yet this is all preliminary

At 6 weeks the 'early' had larger/denser bud structure. but it may have been maturing more rapidly and the late would have filled in . . . the same can be said of potency.

however, because of the poor conditions the 'late' was euthanized before things deteriorated more.

and, to be give more infor the stretch on both types was kinda large - topped 3 times to keep plant height manageable with maximum bud length of less than 2 feet.

i could already say that the 'early' might be a keeper - i've tried lots . . . this stuff is actually quite good. maybe it's because these were 'b' testers or something . . . maybe that's just what U2 is - Good.


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Joshua Tree

The story of this plant will be:

seeds horribly mistreated for 5 years - still 100% germination

and those sprouts - 100% female

grown in a bucket with the cheapest soil available and no drainage.

topped and stressed several times throughout the grow.

fed only tap water (the water was degassed before use . . . )

The pictures will be of some gloriously potent, flavorful, and photogenic buds.

i would like to have this plant as a keeper - even though it will take at the least 10 weeks to properly mature (more like 11 or 12) even for the 'early' pheno.

the long and short:

It's Good.



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I think if I grow this or any other Rock series I would name each plant after band members or songs/albums, etc. I didn't name my Doors test grow because when I grew them the strain was known only as "Haze AC #3."


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'bullet the blue sky' maybe . . .

already did 'mysterious waze' . . .

'joshua tree' . . .

have been thinking about it - the 3rd plant just seemed better than the rest, it has a nice smell and taste . . . took the longest to show sex . . . it had 'the fiz' the 'pop' there was just something about it compared to #1 and #2 . . .



Looks nice man, fair play to ya. I picked up a pack of these at the auction, being an Irish man i feel obliged to grow this strain at least once. :D


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1 of 3

i like it pretty good . . . could have waited another week . . .

G13 Widow up next then critical haze then angel's breathe - unless i can get some cbd crew stuff then that will jump to the front of the line . . .