U2 continuing to satisfy


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I grew out an auction of U2 and had 6 females and 4 males in the summer of 2019. I selected the earliest flowering male and bred him to the females. Each female had a little different amount of pollen as I still wanted some free of seed. After a few mild frosts they finally went until Nov 7 before an ice storm ended their run.

I hung the whole plants to dry for several weeks then separated the buds and jarred each into labeled by plant. I cured them for 3 months before sampling. Wow, the fruitness and haze blows me away. These are the sweetest smoking plants I've grown since 1976.

Oh yes, the seed did well. Just a couple of the slower plants did not fully mature the seed and was pale. The other 4 plants made pretty dark seed.

I planted some of #2 and #6 this year and they are just now sexing. Mostly 8 foot now, no males this time and hoping for mid to late November.

I'll get some pictures up when I can.

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Nice to hear that U2 is good smoke.
You don't hear very much about that strain.

I know there are some real nice plants that come from the Early Queen genetics and many others have found great plants coming from the AC male. So it makes sense.
I look forward to sampling some U2 myself one day soon.

Cheers 🥴


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She is worthy of your time. I was hoping the Early Queen would be there and that AC male is wicked for sure. Smells like peaches or other pit fruits. Absolutely no mold and hardy through drought and hot wet periods. Easy to grow, just be sure to have some support for the heavy flowers.


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The U2 is in flower now. Two phenos started a bout 10 days earlier than the rest. Smells of sweet candies like the old PEZ candy. Nine feet tall and six feet wide. Creamy white and semi-transparent stigmas. The stems are very limber and easy to bend. Lower branches tend to hang and crawl out from the main plant. I don't see this as a good indoor plant but outdoors it goes ape. Hurricane on the way so fingers crossed. Still having trouble trying to add pictures.


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SOD, nice to meet you. I am running a single U2 plant this year. I started it May 16. It’s in a sticky sharp thorn patch. She is growing well, like you said, despite more than optimal heat and humidity.
I have been bending and pinching branches to keep her blending in with the tops of surrounding vegetation. A tall Xmas tree would not serve me in this spot.
She’s about 5.5 ft now and filling in nicely. I think my flowering started about 3 weeks ago, I think she’ll go till Halloween 🎃. Smells more pissy/spicy so far.
I am the last to help with pictures but I can try.
I open the little landscape pic in the post block.
I select the pic I want from my library. When I do my phone let’s me select the option to resize it. I get to choose between actual, large, medium, small. I pick large. If it comes up as an error I pick the next smaller size till it works. Then it inserts my pic in the thread where the cursor was. Most times it’s sideways which is another PITA. If you get there and need assistance just ask.
Your F2’s generation sounds fantastic! What made you plant #2 and #6 seeds’. What did you like more about those two?
Good luck to you with those hurricanes this year. We’re all in this together


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Jah bless.
I got spared as well, just some much needed rain. Knocked the temps out of the 90’s for a few days too. My thoughts to all those who took hurricane Laura head on.
Freaking awesome plants, friend. Awesome!


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Aloha 'oe, aloha 'oe
E ke onaona noho i ka lipo

Oh, what a fine touch! You make a me homesick brah!

haha, thanks my friend. These things just keep towering. I pinched them back 4 or 5 times in veg and now the colas are going for 12 ft.
I hope that didn't sound like a complaint. o_O
I was watching a bachelor group of young bucks this morning in the rain. 🦌


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Hey good buddy. Those U2 plants are absolutely stunning. I like the pic with the branch coming through the deck slats. I swear it looks like it would try and grab something as it walked bye.
“Where’s the cat, honey?”
Those trunks are a sight to behold. You truly have a knack for big beautiful cola monsters. Love the hibiscus flowers. You should put out a real feeder for those poor hummingbirds. Lol
Cheers to you and yours.

Edit to add a pic. Where mine are at in flowering stage. 9C11D932-F75E-4093-958A-BA9F76EDF3E8.jpeg
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