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Years ago, one of my first grows was a U2 x Blaze (Blueberry Haze). I still remember her amazing high, tastes, smells, and the red-ish tint her buds took on late in bloom. She was an all-star, but because I was a noob at the time there were no clones taken. In an effort to bring more haze into my garden and rekindle my love for sativas I've picked up some U2. Please join me and feel free to chime in anytime, as I catalog this Haze A/C hybrid :D

I'm running a lot of strains right now so I could only pop two seeds for now. Crossing fingers for a girl :)

IMG_1158 (Copy).JPG

Below is U2 #2; U2 #1 is still waiting in a little 3 inch pot and in no condition for pictures.
IMG_1518 (Copy).JPG IMG_1519 (Copy).JPG IMG_1520 (Copy).JPG

#2 Recently topped for the second time.
IMG_1521 (Copy).JPG IMG_1524 (Copy).JPG
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what was the U2 from years ago ?

best of luck , from the limited amount of pics ive seen shanti's u2 looks very nice

peace :cool:


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Bad news kids :(

Looks like the first U2 is a male... so much so, in fact, he has been chopped! (Hard to see in macro photo but those are balls)

R.I.P. U2 male
IMG_1666 (Copy).JPG IMG_1667 (Copy).JPG IMG_1676 (Copy).JPG
IMG_1668 (Copy).JPG

Since chopping this male I've transplanted my second U2 seedling into a one liter pot. It's starting to green-up and grow... but... it is looking like a male too :( Time will tell, but the early going doesn't look good. May have to re-start this forum in a while after popping some new beans.
Thats a bit of a bummer OOO, i've got my fingers crossed that the second plant turns out to be a fem. You know how women are, she's (it's a she, o.k ;)) just playing hard to get.

Knees's, arm's and feet crossed aswell



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I have a pack on hold . hope your second seedling is a female. if not maybe u can pop a couple more. we need a grow log on this strain. good luck and will b watching


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thanks for posting...

i have a few of these i got from shanti that i am killing myself to get grown out....it's nice to see a few thriving.

good luck.



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Well crap... Both are male!

I popped 4 Mr. Nice seeds last month and got 4 males... such is life. I've already got two new U2 seedling sprouted and going. I'll throw some pics up soon :)


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Hey all. I've been offline for a month or so but I'm back! Have two new U2 seedling and it should be a month or so before they show sex so I'll keep you all posted.