Two Nevs and One ASH

The Flea

I found the Nev Sk to be a very vigorous strain. It also produces well. By 'sweet celery' I think I should have emphasised the sweet more. The taste is sweet with a hint of celery, earth, and haze - unusual but nice and nowhere near hay. If you like the type of sativa that literally takes your breath away then this will be the pheno for you.
Nice looking plant, expect big colas and some amazing aromas.
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thanks for the info!

the aromas are definitely mouthwatering even in veg!

how do the ladies clone?

one of my NevSk roots really fast in about 4-5 days

planning on popping more of them to find a pheno you want?

i hope so :D


nevs sk

hi nice looking grow I to had a chance to run a pack of nevs skunk and found it to be a truly wonderful strain to grow. she was a beast but a beauty at the same time i'd say all my 8 girls were pretty hazy a few went 12/13 wks and 1 went 16 gutted I let her go in the end. they all smelt hazy some vinegary hazy or oniony hazy 1 had a skunky hazy thing going on and i'd say that was the strongest 1. for flavour well I didn't get any celery that's for sure pure sweet and tangy haze not sickly sweet just sweet haze, you no what in a way it was almost sweet and sour hazy type of flavour...........ive grown almost 20 packs of seeds in my time from different breeders and nevs sk is in the top 4 she was great

The Flea

Hey caspa,
I totally agree - she is beautiful but grows like a beast. Both phenos I had were very hazy but in different ways. The sweet celery pheno has hints of pine and is in my top 3 strains - the buzz is clear and very cerebral. The other was too strong, though others who sampled her loved the power. I guess its all about personal preference.
I intend to run the Nev Sk indoors from seed and take clones to then grow outside next summer. I reckon she will be immense under the sun.
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Thanks for sharing Flea!

Great thread and very descriptive , much appreciated:) Glad you came out positive with the ASH. Something about that strain has me fascinated..not that there's anything bad about the NS!! :)

The Flea

A quick side note - with the longer cure the Nevs that had the 'take your breath away' buzz has mellowed (or I've built up immunity) and is now a happy, trippy cerebral smoke with a fruity mango flavour - top notch.
This strain is a winner.
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great job flea,
I liked both the nev skunk and ash when I grew them outdoors a few seasons back.
I have a nev skunk female this season but no ash. may put up some photos of her and a few others like Ortega, Shit Haze, .
Very Nice indoor plants Flea.

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