Two Extremes of LN


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I am glad LN is finally getting some attention. The few people online that talk about growing it have all had great things to say, I haven't seen any bad reviews. Since Shanti doesn't compete in the circus and carnival events it is word of mouth that moves his gear.Who knows though, it could be the best selling strain he has and the customers are all too high to give two fucks about a forum? Whatever the reason, more people need to try it.
You and some other members easely "outhyped" new bomb hybrids like Nordle with your LaNina plants 2010. Don't underestimate the impact of your work.


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Thinking about firing up the lights again to look for a similar LN that I used to grow.

I work on a large commercial farm now and there is A LOT of killer herb available. I can get ounces for $120, so I haven't grown in a while. The thing is, nobody is growing sativa heavy strains. Most "sativas" you see at dispensaries aren't really that sativa-y. Sativas don't have bag appeal and take too long to be commercially viable, but they're my favorite. What looks like airy ugly buds to most look beautiful to me.

I'm thinking about doing LN, Nev's Haze, and The Doors - stuff nobody who grows commercially would do around here due to limitations. Stuff you have to work with tying over every day and going several months before having anything to smoke.

The LN is what I want to do the most. I miss the flavor and the creative buzz.

I may do Nev's Skunk again, but that will have to wait. That is probably the stoniest herb I ever grew. I will probably so one fast strain, too, but I haven't decided on which.

Hope y'all are doing well.