Triploid Shark Shock


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Hi, I purchased some seeds from Mr Nice for the first time, I started growing the Shark shock ones, and after a week or 2 I just found 2 Triploid plant on the same packet o_O.

Triploids are plants with extra chromosomes that develop extra leaves, so each node those plants develop 3 leaves instead of 2 as normal.

I post a pic from internet for you to see what I mean, maybe I can put a pic of mines if some of you are interested.

Also I got 2 plants from 1 seed on the same packet, still both alive.

I'm reading a little about triploids right now, it is not common, it is said that they can produce better and more thc amount.

Does that image and that articles say that Shanti has treated some plants with Colchicine that is a poisonous compound extracted from the roots of certain Colchicum species?
if not how this shark shocks went triploids?
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I will refer you to this old thread:

Sorry MJ, not trying to be an arse here, but triploid may or maynot be the correct term for that plant. There is no way of knowing without doing a lab test on it. Haploid refers to a single set of chromosomes, diploid refers to the normal state of 2 sets of chromosomes, and triploid refers to a state of having 3 sets. The 3 leaves per node thing may or may not be a triploid, but simply having 3 leaves is no guarantee of that. There is some debate still about how to refer to these things, personally I always use the term trifoliar (3 leaves). It would seem that the trait is linked to a higher than normal rate of auxin production coupled with an additional gene for the production of leaves.
A plant I grew from seed recently has (or, at least, had) three leaves per node like that. It is a F2 of Ganesh x KC 33.
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I have had a few pop up over the years. Most turned out to be male and the few females I got turned out to be nothing more significant than a novelty. Some develop two main stems without being topped and some revert back to a normal growth pattern. As for the higher potency..well we live in hope but I have never found this to be the case.