Top 3 of biggest mistakes you've made so far?


I like to learn from my own mistakes, but even more so from other people's mistakes so... Please list down your own top 3.

My top 3:

1. Thinking that growing MJ from bag seed can get the same qualitative results as growing it from seeds with proper genetics
2. Not using the right mix of soil
3. Being overenthusiastic with nutes on strains that don't like nutes so much

If I can summarize it to 1 mistake, then my biggest mistake has been "being stubborn and not listening to the advice of master growers, those with decades of experience".


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1. CBG/Ace
2. GHS/Sensi
3. Barney’s/Serious
4. And others living off the past when their award winning stuff has turned to s*t.

Big mistake- buying into the hype; getting caught up in the name of the company and chasing after the name of a strain.

Biggest mistake- buying from other seed vendors. Overpriced, low germination and WTF is that growing?



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i remerber cut the top of an amsterdamflame in my homebox
it's become a tranny and i finish with a full homebox of seeds



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1 . Let the plant finish (do not harvest early)
2 . Topping is not taboo.[I always believed in supercropping over topping)
3. Be careful when pollinating. (Thought I bred a branch ended up having seeds in most lower buds on the plant)


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1. Not taking and keeping cuttings of rare and irreplaceable plants.
(NL5HzAf2, G13Hzf2, M9 Skunk1 male,
M39 Sk1xBasic5 hybrid)
2. Not moving to Colorado before the green rush.
3. Not buying that Apple IPO 😂/✌


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Mistake #1 - 6 months of outdoor growing and 3 months curing nets me 4 grams of smokeable bud. At this rate I will never build a stash! I'm sure more than 3 mistakes were made!

M1 1.jpg

Mistake #2 - Using the wrong fertilizer resulted in the buds smelling and tasting rather fuelly!


Mistake #3 - Deciding to grow only 1 Gold Leaf plant and instead focusing on a crop of Super Skunk. 4 months into the cure I can see that this was a huge mistake!



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1.Trusting a cheap ph meter to last more than a year i got the test soltions now so its much easier to tell when they are out of whack though.
2 just dumping water on plants rather than slowly spraying them wrecks the soil makes it dry like a huge biscuit
3. Not taking cuts of xyz superbud


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Walking into nightclub off dial and meeting ex mrs.
Not knowing how to invest in bitcoin when I found out about it. $375.. damn
keeping things bottled up..
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1) Believing all the hype and labels. I have gotten as good a results from old school bag weed seeds as so called top grade latest hybrid "pro" seeds. If not better. Names and brands do not mean that much really. Seeds can be anything from any genetics. No way to know looking at the seeds.
2) Not looking for mites and pests EVERY DAY and quarantining all plants that I bring in here. Mites in particular are sneaky, especially board mites of late here in the PNW. I have also gotten clones shipped to me with spider mites on them. Even when the growers have sworn on a stack of Bibles that they are mite-free, they had mites! A 20x-60x LED pocket microscope is a must have. As is a good protocol for spraying for mites and pests.
3) Not saving more bag weed seeds in the 1970s from average bag weed and not freezing seeds earlier. Especially Colombians, which I had so many of. Who knew that these seeds would be rare some day? Everyone had gobs of bag weed seeds.
#4- bonus) Culling my first medical cut of GDP. That cut of GDP was seriously prone to PM, so let it go. But it had the fake grape taste and marvelous high. GDP is a very unstable strain from seed. I tried to replace it with 3 other GDP cuts since then, but they were all nothing like the first one. ;(...


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1 working with other people than my dad after he got sick, should have scaled back.
2 not spraying brutal pesticides on pesticide resistant mites, or spraying fungicide when lifetime keepers I was gifted got disease.
3 not taking cuttings of the 1st seed of Ancient OG(See SEEDFINDER DESCRIPTION, I HAD THE DESCRIBED IRANIAN PHENOTYPE) and not keeping a cutting of the 1st Appalachian hashplant. it had the most wonderful burnt rubber smell and taste, and gave 1.5 pounds in the same space a space queen gave 12 ounces. and I ran 30 space queens in that garden. literally would have been a scale buster like a big critical, blue dream, or green crack could be. I cry thinking of my incompetence for not taking a cut. " it cant be the best one" i told myself. it was. burnt rubber, yield, 28% thc.
4, because you get a bonus choosing to express myself and not hold it in.


1. Telling one too many people and getting robbed.
2. Letting someone else's product into grow room and getting pests.
3. Thinking it was a fluke and letting someone else's product in again and getting spider mites.
it all is in the seed MNS has not ever done me wrong.-😎 bk


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1. Going so long without a de humidifier to dry.
2. Spending so much time trying to make long flowering plants work in a short season environment.
3. Letting other people tell me what I can do and can’t do.

and I’m going to add a new one #4
Listening to all the “hype”

I’ve been growing and smoking almost a half century now.
I have to smell it when it’s drying. Then I need a couple of puffs before I form an opinion.
I’ve spent a couple of years on here following all the hype, history, and breeders. I have learned a lot. But, like Bruce Lee said, “take what is useful and leave the rest.”
I’ve got a small indoor outdoor operation going here. Going to see if I can breed up something that I like. Then market that.

So much fighting about lineages and ethics in breeding that it is starting to make my head spin.

I’m ordering a ton of seeds this winter from all the breeders who I have learned from. Breeders and people kind enough to respond to my questions and inquiries. And, sad to say, I can count them on one hand.
The proof is in the seed. I’m going to develop some genetics I like. Then I’m going to back cross to get a variety where all seeds look, smell and taste like the picture on the pack. I will find the plant first, then let the chemical/terpene analysis fall where it does.
From what I can tell in the future people will not tolerate any tendency to herm. In large scale operations your seeds herm and your name will be Mudd.
So, that’s it. Looking forward to growing testing, and pollinating in 2021.
Time for me to “do my own thing” see what I can come up with.