the soil recipe. simple version and complex version


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Believe it or not, no issues whatsoever.
*Some* of the longer running Thai plants actually need a booster of nitrogen about 14-16 weeks in.
Haze, Mex, Lumbo, I just give a shot of standard bloom nutes about 12 weeks or so.


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I'll give it a shot. It's a straight forward mix. I'm guessing the large bag of ocean forest is the 3 cubic foot? and Light warrior, i think, comes in 1 cubic foot bags.


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Specifically ?
My personal mix is 1 large bag FFOF (fox farms ocean forest) and 1 large bag Fox Farms light warrior
Add ~about~ 1.5 cu. ft. of perlite
About 6 cups worm castings
About 3 cups blood meal
About 3 cups bone meal
About 2 cups bat guano (fruit bat if possible...the package will say)
About 2 cups dolomite lime
Maybe a cup of epsom salts

Everythings kinda about'ish since I really never measure.
Mix the shit till if feels like your arm is going to fall off.
Drink a beer or smoke a bowl
Mix some more.
Put it into a large opaque or *clearish* plastic bin with a lid and set it out in the sun for at least 4-5 days. (DO NOT skip this step)
It will sweat and the texture will change dramatically becoming a foamy kind of thing for lack of a better description...once you see it you'll understand.
Mix till arms fall off.
Use freely at this point.

You will need ZERO nutrients during a 10-12 week flowering plants life cycle, long term sats will need a flowering nute only once.
Tap water only, adjust nothing, straight from tap.

As you can see from that grow log I linked JetDro has a particular hate for anything fox farms so he subbed the base soil for SS#4 and Roots organic.
It should be nearly the exact same as FF.
I've also had luck with Miracle grow moisture control soil as the's not quite as good, but it's close.
Walmart used to carry Sams Choice potting soil in a purple bag, it works every bit as well but I haven't seen it in years and think they stopped making it.

Specific enough ?
Thanks for that specifics man. Ni2 and Medman. Really appreciate it. It is always helpful when you guys post up those recipes and the process. I like to see the results that go with them too. I know theres alot of factors, How about any difference in taste/aroma vs outside (ground) as far as the dirt goes?


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I am against perlite. Often it is standard in premixed soil. But when handling it I think it is similair to asbest. Maybe not so extreme but it contains fine dust nonetheless
Also the space it takes can be used for extra soil adding up to an extra week of nutes.
Maybe I am wrong, but it is how I think about it.