The Hempy Bucket

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The Hempy Bucket
Hi every one i thort id add this system of growing i use and have used from the early to mid 80s , As most of you that know me will all ready know that i am a believe in simplicity and things that work and i only really state facts that i have experience from hands on.

I like the hempy bucket because of its simplicity and the price of the system (ITS FREE ) to make and has no moving parts that can fail and once the plant has started its root system you can basically water and forget it for 2 days or 3 depending on temps and you can grow any strain from sativa to indica in it .

I basically got the idea from my first hydro kit i ever got that was a tomato hydro kit and i found it really easy to understand ,It was basically an aquponic set up and the guy i had got it from i went back a few years later telling him about my creation and how i got it from his idea and the look on his face and smile sed it all ,Iv spoken to a few people in the hydro industry about it and they all tell me it wont work it will course root rot so on well there all wrong because this method works and they say a picture is worth a 100 wards right lol.

I AM NOT SAYING THIS METHOD IS THE BEST BUT What i am saying is its a option and a easy cheep way to grow hydroponicly and nothing more, I have tried a lot of methods and have all ways gone back to this.

To make a hempy bucket is simple all you need to do is this

Get your self a bucket any color but clear as you will end up with algy forming as the nutrients react to the light .

The size of the bucket can very from 1 gal (4lt) to 5gal (20lt) ruffly i personally like using a 10 lt bucket and have had up to 19 oz cured yield from a single bucket but it depends on the strain and given phino .

Once you have your bucket then get a drill and drill a drain hole in the side of the bucket about 2 inch from the bottom , The drain hole can be around 7/16.

And the medium i use is perlite/vermiculite at around 3 to 4 parts perlite to 1 part vermiculite.You can use volcanic rocks but personally i found the perlite / vermiculite a lot better in many ways but you can use only perlite to.

You can use coco core but you need to fill the rez with perlite or clay balls or even coco chip any thing that will allow the coco core to drain as it wicks you cant have coco core from the rez to the top because the coco core needs to be above the rez hole or at the same level so it drains in short you need to allow the coco core to work as it should if you dont it will stay to wet like mud as coco core wicks.

All you need to do now is basically add the rooted clone or seedling water with nutrient rich water and thats it,I would water it daily until the tap root and root system has headed down to the res but once you see a decent growth rate id then start to water every 2 days.

The only thing wrong with it is you need to hand water and you get run off from the drain hole thats it and as far as checking your PH well the only time you need to do that is when you mix your nutrients i like using a PH of 6.2 PH but if your water is 7ph or close then mix your nutrients as directed on the bottle and you will be in the range recommended.

If you want to ask me questions feel free .

Like i sed i am not stating this methods is the best just saying its a option and a free one and it works and works well ................hempy

23 /11/2010 UP DATE - Since i first posted this to the community and shared my method it seams a few people have run with this method and put there spin on it and have been posting it around the boards and saying hempy sed this or that now i will not take responsibility for any of these peoples wards or spins on this method if your plants fail or dont do to good blame them not me.

You need to think for your selfs in all honesty the formula i have given you all to go along with the method is full proof i state my reputation on it and if you know me away from the site you will know my ward means more to me than any ego bull shit these few seam to feed on.

I see some saying dont feed your plants until it starts to grow and the roots hit the rez feed only water well the medium has no nutrient value what are your plants meant to feed off just water ? think about it a little dont just take peoples advice with out thinking about what there saying.

Dont water until you see your plants wilt come on are you guys honestly believing these people ?.

Water once a week with nutrient rich water and only water in between if needed are you seriously going to do this and expect your plants to remain happy and healthy.

My advice is this use the basic formula i have given you it works you will know as much as these try hards or more soon after you read this post you have any problems or questions contact me at Mr nice co site.

I dont care if you put your spin on it i dont care if you dont follow my advice or formula i dont even care if you like me or hate me but i do care that some people across the boards are telling people hempy sed this or that when i have not and are coursing peoples plants to suffer or worse fail that upsets me and it is wrong.

Use your heads its very simple the medium is to anchor your plants the nutrients is what feeds your plants and gives them all they need to grow into happy healthy plants rocket science it is not.
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