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What's up everyone. Here's alittle background info, I just recently upgraded to both a veg and flower tent. Currently I have 3 purple wreck and 2 blue venom at 2 weeks. I decided to give tga a try before trying out some new MNS strains. A week ago I started 4 ace of spades and 4 chernobyl. Well as of 1 week in i had to cull 1 off each beacuse they just stopped growing after poping out they just wilted and died and I've never lost any plants. So I decided to pop 2 shark shock to keep the numbers at 8 to shoot for atleast a 50/50 ratio.

The 2 sharks were put into paper towels just a bit ago. I'm really excited to try out some new mns gear. I had a whole master kaze grow a few grows ago and have since atleast kept 1 going every grow after. The plan for the next grow is mango widow and super silver haze I really can't wait for that one.:cool:

I'll post a couple of pics once they get some leaves goin. Any helpful tips on this strain are always appreciated.
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Here's a couple of pics til the sharks are old enough.

Master Kaze honey oil

Current grow 3 purple wrecks and 2 blue venoms


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Thanks space. It's tga subcool seeds, I had read a mixed bag of reviews on them mainly that it might not be the most potent stuff but it will defiantly be flavorful. Ive been stocking up on mns strains as I was trying a few other companies.

I've got:

Super silver haze
Mango Widow
Shark Shock of course
Medicine man
Master kaze

I'll be growing out mns strains for awhile, it's gonna be a blast:D

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his whole reaction to the gypsy thing seemed a bit cold, and heard his breeding practices get criticized for too little selection or too little population to make a good selection or something to that effect. In this era where rumors and gossip spread rampantly across the internet, you are left wondering what you can believe and have to take it all "with a grain of salt" I guess!
They sure look good, good luck!
Yes I have a bunch of MNS, will probably eventually have all their strains! well enjoy it man!
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Yeah I try to not read to much into all the drama that goes around and just find the good info and grow reports.
Wocha Geez and great attitude to have ;)

I've seen your past work so I'm pretty sure that a good grower like yourself will find the sharks a doddle to grow. She likes to have her lst treatment along with a bit of pruning of the lower/weaker branches, and I like to give her some veg time so that she can produce a decent yield.

Nice plants you got there and good luck with the sharks :)



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Thanks ganja I try my best. It is fun for me so it's easy to put in any amount of time needed, I just put on one of my ebooks and just take my time.

I do have bad news though both popped in less then 48 hours then went into soil but neither sprouted. No biggie though it happens, I'll be popping 10 ssh in a month and I'll keep the best 2 to run a second time before choosing one. It'll be the first mothers I've ever kept so I wanted to do a worthy strain.