Sweet n' Sour Widow test grow


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Pheno A-female

Pheno B-female

Pheno C-male

Pheno D-female

Pheno E-female

Pheno F-male

Pheno G-female

Pheno H-female

Pheno I-female

Pheno J-female

These long-vegged CBD S'nS widows' look a bit like my long-vegged (over 3 months) CBD Sharks (Bw x Sk 1)
Mine have flowered 32 days, I am hoping ~2.5 more weeks (flower time est. CBD crew)

So,what's the latest news on the comely CBD widows, Mr G? I have 2 pks should start them in not too long. I'd like to maybe cross a male CBD widow with a fem CBD Skunk haze or one of the fem CBD Sharks. Though I suppose the latter pairing may mean some inbreeding since both have widow.
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Lifes still a little hectic, but I have finally have the girls on a 12/12 photoperiod. After 5 days, I can see that they are starting the initial bud phase. I have culled pheno C. Which was a male that I concluded would be the less ideal breeding plant of the two males. The other being pheno F. Plant numbers also influenced that decision. I am going to start cloning pheno F for the same reason(plant numbers).

The new room has a vert light in the very center and is creating havoc when a try to take pics. Better lighting though, I should have ran a vert ages ago. Sorry for this vague update. I will try to get some pics soon.


Beautiful plants bro! They do look near identical in many aspects. I have a feeling that my male may be the real cream of this crop. Yet to be determined:D Id love to see you breed some crosses. It might be a tough search, but the male might hold the one quality the fems might lack. Respect brother.



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A few pics, More to come

Plants in white bags are the cbd Widows, NH on the right

NH(left), pheno E(middle), pheno A(right)

Pheno A

Pheno D

Pheno E with pheno A on the left

Pheno I

Pheno H(left), pheno B(middle), pheno J(small plant on the right)



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What is it with these grow diary's?

I'm reading through some of them(like this one) then:confused::confused: all communication stops.What the point in starting one if you're not going to finish it.


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Sorry for this reports lack of consistency. My back issues have really been causing problems with many things. I will post the harvest pics, individually, then do a smoke report for each. I wasn't able to walk very well for the last half of this harvest. Which is why I didn't take more pics of them finishing. At the end of the reports, I will summarize the grow.

Thanks for the patience and the reminder to finish the thread.



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Smoke Report for pheno B

Dry and cured 78 days

Harvested on day 58 of flower.
Yield was not recorded-approx. 4-5 ounces
Sample Size-1gram
Utensil-glass pipe

The buds all through the plant held weight very well. The buds are compact but not rock hard. The appearance wouldn't be that bad if not for the pollen sacs present on all of them. I was going to run this plant only for a few more days anyway. I dont think this one dropped pollen, but that is hard to tell for sure. Unfortunately all the phenos hermied and some seeds were found amongst all of them.

Break open a bud and I smell raspberry pie with a lot of sugar. The fruity part of the smell isn't very pronounced. It's a sweet smell that makes you search for a similarity. I feel that other people would smell something slightly different. My wife is it smelled like grapefruit and watermelon. It's a sweet, pleasing aroma. Just not very strong.

The tastes were similar in some ways and unexpected in others. It tasted sweet and was smooth. I didn't cough a single time. The sweetness was evident , but there was something else I can't put my finger on. Sugary at first, a tiny kush taste also. It's hard to be sure but it tasted good. The flavor changed half way through to more of an earthy tone. It wasn't bad and remained gentle on the lungs.

Potency and effect was more impressive than I anticipated. The first hit produced an immediate effect in my temples. It was calming. A few more hits and I had a nice, heady high starting to form from my shoulders up. By the end of the first bowl, I was able to notice a similar feeling in all of my joints. Knees, wrists, ankles and elbows all felt better. The back of my neck felt a little tingle as well.

It's an enjoyable high but doesn't last long. About an hour maybe more.The second bowl increased the effects. I didn't notice a ceiling. The high made me very spacy. I kept forgetting what I was doing almost immediately after starting whatever task I was attempting to accomplish. So I decided to play video games with my son instead. I was plenty focused when those started however. Played some Tom Petty then a little of the Beatles blue album. If I had to put it into a single word, release would be appropriate I think.

Side Notes: I didn't run CO2, so the yields could have improved. I cut my N a little earlier than they wanted. Which is what might have cause them to hermie, could have been a contributing factor or they were going to do it anyway. It's hard to tell. I scrapped all the cuts either way.

Medicinal Properties-7/10


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good report

nice grow report bud shame about the herm flowers i didnt expect that from this strain at all
i guess moving them 300 miles could of been an issue stress wise
but nice looking herb bud
its got me excited about the ones im growing at the moment


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nice grow report bud shame about the herm flowers i didnt expect that from this strain at all
i guess moving them 300 miles could of been an issue stress wise
but nice looking herb bud
its got me excited about the ones im growing at the moment

It was a light leak. Sorry for not responding a long time ago. It's amazing medicine for cancer patients. Bless