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What group you would like to see the most?

  • ASH / Black Widow / Sour Blueberry

    Votes: 7 35.0%
  • Devil / Ortega / Pineapple Skunk

    Votes: 7 35.0%
  • Skunk Haze / Critical Haze / Panama

    Votes: 7 35.0%
  • Medicine Man / Chemdawg / Pakistan Chitral Kush

    Votes: 5 25.0%

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Yes, it was very good one :) I enjoyed it much...

Actually enjoyng right now ! : )
My beloved tones for it and Skunk Haze is my queen tonight :)

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Nice grow. I picked up some skhz after seeing your photos. I’m glad that the smoke and smells are nice.
I’m very interested to I hear how shit and devil match up. Are you getting the pungent skunk smell
from the devils?
Thank you,
and you did good, that you choose Skunk Haze it is ultimate plant, was happy with my Bio ferts and easy to grow, next time I would try topping her, think it will be huge producer.

About the new grow, I just flipped light lately, so will see.. Will keep you informed.
Only thing I can say now, is that Devil have some pink-red stigmas and many leafs all around.


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CBD Shark Shock, Critical Widow, Shit, Devil

They are about month, or litlle longer on grow period, just Critical Widow grows only 3 weeks.
I got few problems with watering and nute lock, I think they recovered tho, only Critical Widow seems it doesnt care, such a woman, shes strong

First, there is CBD Shark Shock - very fast onset of buds, toped once, made some training
CBDSS.jpg cbdssflower.jpg cbdssflower1.jpg

Critical Widow - seems there is Indica structure, sides are stretching completely without my help - I think this could be very promising plant, just started poping buds everywhere
CW.jpg cwflower.jpg

Shit - it jumped in height even when toped, lots of training, but now loads of buds
Shit.jpg shitflower.jpg

There is also Devil male, I think I know what to do, beacause why not, one bud here, one bud there
Oh devil was purple when emerged from shell, and also had pink preflowers, then turned male :)
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So today morning, I made second polenation of one bud on Shit and One bud on Critical Widow..

Critical widow seems very promising as I said earlier.

Oh and also, CBD Shark is fastest plant I have ever grown... Tops are pushicng the limits to the maximum.. I hope it doesnt stop any time soon...
Cause Inenjoy CBD very much...

Will send you some closeup soon !!
Stay with me ;-)