started 18 NHS seeds 12/21/09....


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.....they all germinated and are looking healthy 96 hours later. it has been nearly 20 years since I grew seeds bred by Neville. looking forward to seeing how Neville and Shantibaba (and Howard Marks) are helping our favorite plant evolve. hope the PEACE vibe of this season is manifest in these plants. when I figure out how to post pix of these plants growing, I will post them. Peace and Love on all of you.


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1 thing you wont be dissapointed with the smoke i grew it out earlier in the year and had some good quality bud ive got some photos up under the strain base . good luck with your grow highestground

Joe King Park

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I've Germinated 5 N.H.S Seeds Last Week;) ( Soil Grow )
Yet To Start A Thread But I Hope To Compare Images Of My Progress .
After I Have Resized My Images (800x600) I Click Manage attachments
Chose Your Image And Upload It ( Once Uploaded It appears In Pink Lettering)
Then Minimise The attachments Page , And If The Pink Text Still Appears, Submit , And Your Image Will Be Displayed;)
Best Wishes On Your Grow



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sorry, still no pictures of the NHS seedlings

however, I must give a little written report. they all are at the 5th set of true leaves, have thick, strong stems, wide, fat Northern Lights type leaves, and close internodal spacing. they all appear remarkably similar, with minor variance, for a 3 way hybrid. they remind me of The Seed Bank's (Neville's) NL5 x Skunk #1 from the late 80s, early 90s, very uniform appearance at this point. when I bought these 18 seeds, i made the best investment i have ever made in my life!!!!! have grown dozens of strains from various sedd companies since 2000, some pleased me, some did not. NHS is simply MAJESTIC compared to the others, true cannabis royalty. the 3 individuals who are working together in this company have impeccable reputations in our community. what ever a particular cultivator's needs may be, you will find a strain or strains to meet those needs at Mr. Nice Seeds. in his day Luther Burbank changed agriculture by his careful selection of parents from hundreds of thousands of available plants. Neville did the same with his similar selection of plants over 20 years ago, and he and Shantibaba are obviously on the same path today. the customer also gets 18 seeds from this company instead of 10 seeds from other companies. THANK YOU from a satisfied customer.


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sorry i haven't visited here lately

still no pictures but got 14 females from 18 seeds. kept the best 7 (cloned the crown growing tip using airlayering) to mother inside. put them all out. the early ones are flowering here in Santa Barbara, CA. some Haze phenos, some NL #5 phenos and mostly majestic Skunk #1 phenos. as previously written, the BEST investment i've ever made in my life. will always keep the 7 best phenos as mothers.