Southeast states anyone grow it down here


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Anyone grow nl. 5 haze down south round 32 degrees how it do
november finish big yield. What can you tell me about it


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Hi friend,

While I have not seen, or grown that particular one outdoors. I have seen heavier sativas done. You should have no troubles with it at all in the area you mentioned. I may know one whose grown that, and will ask to be sure. yet I know NH, and others work there. Best to you...Ns


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Hello highway,

My first choice would be quality, but with skills in growing. When they advance you can grow huge plants. See what some of them guys and gals do in Cali?

So IMO for mns I would in no particular order if haze is a must component.

Afghan haze, Mango haze, SSH, I'd also try the rock n rollers collection. Anywhere in there is a good start. Also if your budget minded. Walkabout is a good place to look. The outdoor mixed pack. You could as well try NHxMH, or NHxSK. Those are nevilles haze by...if your Into variety. DT I door mic pack which can be grown outdoors as well. May not be and may be hazey to a certain degree.

Yet if I personally was growing outdoors. And I had to pick three. These would be my choices.

Afghan haze, MH, pink Floyd.

Pink Floyd is on of the rock n rollers. It is critical mass and haze Ac.

Good luck as you IMO can't really go wrong with the choices you have. Anymore questions feel free to ask. If I can help I will for sure will...Ns


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Thanks for replying *noshow* walkabout i did 4 packs last year
found one plant i call tall w/a it got bout probaly between 16 18 foot
the buds were airy a little but put over 1 big one from it they were kinda
light green to yellow looking once dry and not real hairy if u know what i mean
i honestly dont know what a haze is know I've. Grown em cant tell you the diffrence tho
others 1was 12 ft tall real hairy
1 8 ft tall tighter buds little skunky beutiful looking bag appeal 5
1 i called it afghan haze cause buds looked like same pic on mr nice site
them were the main ones oh and that one i called tall w/a when vegging
is extremly strong skunky smellin i can smell it 200 yards away
Tell me any of them sound like a haze
i know indica sativa. haze on the sativa side right i think
i couldnt get none of them do more then bout 18 o,s
Would say just me but had others from another breed went twice that much
but they were more hybrid i guess i would say
All the walkabout were mostly tall sativas
tell me what a haze is as much detail you can


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try topping your plants in veg, bro. start early and top often, make a little shrub out of them, when they go outside and start to flower you will end up with a huge shrub of colas. just don't top once they go out, or only once or twice more. I got over 8 lbs from a chocolope kush just by lst'ing the top over and letting the branches take over (and starting early, too, lol) I had 14 really big, long colas which were actually branches filled in with bud. very very nice way to grow if you are growing outside. maximize your yields on pretty much anything.


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Phil give some good advice. Maybe med states like Cali can get away with the huge plants, but in most cases the area you speak of. In general not a good idea.

One other strain I didn't mention. Think of skunk haze as well. Thinking about previous advice. I'd still likely to with pink Floyd.

See like Phil said about topping. Even the dreamtime mix pack will make big plants outdoors. In general not like you've have, but the potential is still there.

Me I'd not be u happy with a nice sack of buds like you describe airy, or not. As to me it's the medical use, or to a rec smoker the high. If I don't have something that combats my pain, and muscle tension issues. Hen it's a no go for me. I usually attain a perfect plant by mixing different strains. In my case...

Say a small part doors, or nevilles haze. With a larger part a cbd or more I did strain. Best of luck to you...Ns

P.s. an underrated strain worth looking up. La Niña...Ns