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Shanti, I was wondering if you could shed some light on the different plants that you use for the mothers in the: Mango Widow, MH x NH, LaNina and of course the whites.

For the LN, MW, and the Whites (not widow, lol) is the widow mother the same? Is it the typical 'widow' pheno? Had you noticed substantially different offspring when working with different (but same pheno) moms?

Is the mom in the nev's cross the 'selected' ~14wk cut? Are the dad's the same in the MW and MH x Nev's?

I always wonder about the parent plants of my seeds. How much Nl/Hz do you smoke from the ssh and MH seed production? I ways imagine that mom to smoke like straight FIRE. :D Anyway, I have some MW crosses that I'm putting into flower soon, and so far they look surprisingly indica dominant. The MW mom that I used was very Indy dom in all aspects (except sheer power and 9/10 wk finish time). The dad was og kush x g13/hz, and the quickest finishing of his sisters went ~12wks. He looked a lot like that 12 wk plant, but I have next to no exp w/males.

So, yeah, I guess I wanna just hear your thoughts/descriptions on the widow moms in the MW, LN, and whites; and some thoughts on the MH daddy used in the MH x Nev's and MW.

Thanks again for all you do, bro. Looking forward to Novemberish;)



Hey Shanti, if you need a place to keep a backup of the Nl/Hz ssh momma just let me know. I would be happy to watch her for a minimal fee...:D
well i've read on this site from Shanti that the widow used in the crosses is the same pollen from his selected male (Shark,MangoWid,Medi, La Nina)...the Mango plant is female (from what i understand) so it would make sense in the Mango (Female) x BlackWid (male) = MangoWidow...same format with the shark, medi, la nina...i started a thread about the Mango plant and some great info popped up so check it out if u can...hope it helps, Jesse seems the one to help answer the question best in Shanti's absence...Shanti would be even better but the info you seek is just hidden around the site as i've read almost all of it personally...breeding and selection (Shanti's) always blows my mind so i try to follow his techniques


Thanks, curious. I know that I have to read the 'hazy haze' thread, and a few others. I had thought (my own head i guess) that the widow was the fem side of the whites. Ugh, proxy is so That is a cool thread, and if anyone wants to shoot steam outta their ears, smoke some hazy haze, and read the hazy haze thread ;)


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The "Mango"

The "Mango" used in the MNS hybrids is NOT the "boutique indica" produced by K.C. Brains or the strain from Homegrown-Fantaseeds of the same name. The "Mango" is actually MNS "Mango Haze".


Hey folks,
I have put some time into considering what the ultimate pedigree of Mango Widow is myself.

It appears that the Mango Widow has both the Brazilian and South Indian hybrid in her make up. If I had to wager, I would guess the Mango Widow is the same type of hybrid as the MM, La Nina, Shark Shock etc. So a selected Mango Haze x the same Widow father he uses with the others. But thats not the only scenario I can think of thats plausible, just the most likely one that seems to fit.

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Hi All

the G13 cutting was crossed to a skunk male in the early 90's when the G13 cutting seemed to be on its way out. Nev did several crosses to combine the genes before the plant became extinct in its pure female form. So I went on with several of these lines one is G13skunk(female) combined with the widow male(same widow used for the BW, MM ,La N and SS).

I hope that clears things up for you all.

Wishing you all a great and safe 2007...all the best SB

Rumors of an 8 week Mango Haze in the MNS camp have been around for awhile, although Ive seen no confirmation on this to my knowledge. Ive wondered if this wasnt the plant used to make this hybrid? Always interesting to think about these kinds of things.
Heritage: Mango x Widow

Family of breed: Nl/Haze/Sk x Brazilian/Sth Indian

Breeder: Nevil and Shantibaba's

Preferred medium: Bio and Hydro, Indoors and outdoors/greenhouse

Expected yield: Indoors expect 350-500 g/m2 and in g/h or outdoors it can exceed itself.

Flowering period: Indoors expect it finished between 8-10 weeks of flowering time. In the northern hemisphere earlyOct and the southern hemisphere by April.

Recommendations: For the inexperienced growers to the most advanced cultivator.

Special Notes: This hybrid has the possibility of a champion but it needs work in selecting the best attributes that suit you and your growing space.
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Hi All

the widow male is the identical one in use from the same selection of the female widow seed generation.So all hybrids using the widow name either have the female select or the male select as a parent . For example Mango Widow is the male widow to the selected Mango Haze female plant...where the Mango Haze originates from a Nl/Haze to a Sk/Haze cross. Again the Mango name used in the crosses either comes from the select female or select male of the same seed to try to help you all understand things you should be clear that a male and female are selected from the same seed generation, tested to numerous progeny before being selected of course. Once the test of the progeny is done and the breeder female or male is identified it remains the same year after year. Also seed from the selected parent plants progeny is also kept in the freezers in case there is ever a major the plants original genetic composition can be found if necessary. Of course we keep selected plants both male and female in several locations to avoid this, but you know the nature of this work, nothing is ever that secure. So you can see it is rather complicated and all related at times so necessary to keep notes and well labelled plants.
I hope that helps a little, all the best Sb