Some New CBD Strains that we made and thinking to offer test grow packs in lure of grow reports with photos? Anyone interested?


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Hi All

today we finally cleaned some special batches of CBD fem seeds we have made for a client. However we made a fair few extra due to perfect timing with the pollination window, so thought before we offer them on the auctions and shop, maybe there are some growers who use 1 to 1 strains for their medical clients?
So the strains we made are;

CBD Zkittles
CBD Widow
CBD Tangerine Cookie
CBD Sunset Sherbet
Mohan Ram fem THC

Before people get all strange about us making fem seeds for companies and farmers, it is something we have been doing always in between our own production and work to help keep certain standards to follow. Mr Nice still remains a regular seed company based on our library of male and female plants which are older than my hope that curbs enthusiasm on that topic.

So my idea is to offer 10 packets of each strain to members of either the auctions or forum, in exchange for a pictorial documentation as a thread here? It will not be censored in any way as we never do this, we just would like some competent growers to grow fairly our new offerings to illustrate examples for others to review independently. If you are up for it then please pm me with your preferred strain from the above list of 5....and I will select at the end of Feb 10 for each strain....and announce them here in strains groups.

So hope you are clear and let the games begin.....all the best Shantibaba

I’m in for anything outside in CA my outdoor is epic after 50 years for all the other cool things you did for me and a lot of sick patients in rural Butte County where the poverty is inconceivable for a place only 200 miles from San Francisco....One Love ❤Patrick (RetIred)


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NO from October actually . The tracking updated finally..... should be here by next week . Mail sucks.
May God speed Mr Nices packages to us, as we bite our fingernails down below the quick waiting for the postman.
I have one that has been in the post for four weeks and I thought that was bad enough.
Mango Haze and Medman in it as well.
Ah well, just lay back and think of England. All the best things in life take time.
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Heya, should I go for the CBD Tangerine Cookie or the CBD Sunset Sherbet? I've actually never tried these flavors before. So, any recommendations would be very much appreciated.