Some New CBD Strains that we made and thinking to offer test grow packs in lure of grow reports with photos? Anyone interested?


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Aloha everyone!

It's getting on August- the time we had planned to launch this CBD test. Some delays continue as the postal service has us stymied. So this is what I have so far-
Seeds sent to:
PtreeCi- CBD Zkilttles
Kryppler- CBD Widow
Sundog- Zkilttles
Musashi- Mohan Ram

Others who said they contacted SB for seeds:
Islandgrower- ?
Phoenix- Mohan Ram
High-Mish- CBD Tangerine Cookie
Deach69- CBD Sunset Sherbet

Others who have shown interest:
Wisp- Mohan Ram
Curous101- CBD Sunset Sherbet
Indi- ?

If you have interest and have not contacted Shanti yet, you are encouraged to do so. @Deach69, @High-mish, @Pheonix66, @Islandgrower did you braddahs get your seed yet? @wisp and @curious101 are you guys in? @Fated? @Indi? Just checking, no pressure.

Sorry bout the late reply bro . Just got my catalog with the order . I am not sure if Shanti is aware I am interested in testing. But I have another shipment which should be shipping soon so it can be added to those if still available.


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So far. PtreeCi, Pheonix66, and me. Has anyone else received and started their testers yet. I am interested in seeing these plants come alive as I've heard many are colorful in foliage. It would be nice to see purple thingies like what @longball was sharing the other day 😁

I'm good to go, planning on starting in the next week or so. Do we post progress here in this thread or start a journal in strain base sub forum?

Thank you SB !



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Ah me and my big mouth :D law of Murphy is strong on me when participating in these projects. CBD divine is in my next round. The genetics are secret? If I had the space, I would say yes. But I wouldn’t do the project justice under current circumstances.
Medicine Man is on my christmas list, I read it has CBD in it too but did not find out how much it is.


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I would definitely be interested in the CBD Tangerine Cookies.

I am growing Tangie Cookies (bc bud depot), and I like it. some of the f2's I made seem to have an issue with mold, but I like the strain for a nice, potent little indica plant that will also create some terpenes. beta caryophyllene mostly, and that tastes good with a burned joint or to use making edibles.

a CBD cross would be a nice start to find a mother and begin some work