Smokereport of lone Ortega survivor


Howdy folks,

I had one Ortega survive the whole ordeal of my last round with the fungus gnats and root rot etc. etc.

The plant was very tiny and yielded close to nothing, as most plants did from that round, if they even made it through flower.

Nonetheless, I dried, I cured (for a good month) and I tested.

Smell and terpwise it was nothing to write home about, a bit unpleasant to me, leaning to camphor again but not as terrible as that one MKS I had before.

Density etc. was all there, solid standard, nothing extraordinary but nothing bad or anything.

What stood out to me was the effect:
Heavy narcotic for sure, can confirm.

I could maybe roll 4 or 5 joints from the tiny plant and each time I smoked one, it knocked me out good and proper. Not immediately, kinda creeped up there.
At first it was a "normal" stone effect but without a fail, each time I smoked the Ortega, I ended up in bed/on the couch falling asleep way ahead of my normal time and waking up the next day quite relaxed.

So for me, the Ortega was pretty much as advertised. Makes me personally super sleepy though but either way, a heavy Indica hitter with the advertised effects.

Probably a great choice for people struggling to sleep.


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Easy grow. A nice clean stone that brings relaxation in a mellow way. Sometimes a feeling of slight energy at first but I can never call the time when I will go down, but like you said guaranteed to sleep and wake with a good feeling of restfulness w/o the hang over. I like it a lot. Thanks for the report brah.


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There are a range of phenos in the line that vary pretty widely.
I know of one that is just wonderful that I hit out of 5 females (10 seeds started.)
Thinking you've seen all a line has to offer with one plant isn't very realistic.