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Hi all,
A while ago I ran a few Shit's as I really wanted to explore what the line has to offer.
Plus with a name like Shit you really can't go wrong!
From 11 seeds that were germinated, I was left with 6 good strong females. As space was likely to be an issue I selected the 3 most sativa looking Shit females and went from there.
I honestly intended to keep a journal but managed to delete all live plant images so you will have to make do with some cured bud pictures instead.

Shit #4

She yielded the most and had a really uniform growth structure. Minimal stretch and highly resinous (if a little leafy) buds. The high is calm, clear and up for the first hour before tapering off into a dreamy narcosis. Not quite a day ender but better after dinner.

Shit #5

Wow. What can I say? This is some amazing herb. It smells of sweet strawberries with a hint of pine and is dripping in resin. The high is like walking around in a drunken fog. It really is 'party weed', everyone who has tried it has remarked on how unique the high is.
Unfortunately she yielded the least but isn't that always the way?
In terms of looks she reminds me of the Original UK Cheese clone. Thankfully the similarity ends there.

Shit #6

My least favourite of the three but still a very nice plant. Moderate yield of very sticky little nugs. The smell is almost like 'thin paint' with a touch of something floral. Not bad but not to my tastes. The high is extremely strong and quite physical at times. Others who have tried her think she is the one. I guess it comes down to personal taste.

I hope you enjoy the pics and the report.
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Hi Flea

bad luck with photos being deleted but thanks for the smoke reports...always a keeper for all walks of life in this strain. all the best sb


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I grew Shit back when Shantibaba first released it and it was one of my favorites up until I had to shut down for security issues. Very old school taste. It will be in my lineup again soon.