Shark shock - March 2020 Growth


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They do look happy! Nice grow. My grows never finish when they say they will....always add a few weeks but maybe theyre looking on the bright side! Keep us update!!
Week 7 Flo - Mid Week

So for logistic reasons, the plants will have to be harvested to the latest on the 11th of June and I dont think they will be ready ...

Thus we checked already the milk to clear ratio within the flowers and ... still a long way to go :(


Week 9 Flo - Harvest :(

So, the plants have been harvested yesterday, obviously way too early.

From the pictures, it's probably 2 or even 3 weeks too early, not just few days ...

It's currently drying until the 27th June, when we will do a dry ice resin extraction.

Stay tuned :cool: