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Cool stuff there Marcus! I'm impressed at how well they are doing up there. Here in CO I've got a long winded girl I've been moving in and out of the garage..she's nowhere near the size of any of your girls though.

At this point, ya gotta get em to the finish line...right!?:cool:


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Hey, MNS compadres. Here we are, over a month later at 13 weeks flower (the last ~8 weeks at 11/13).

Thanks for the props, Jake and Musashi, bigger pots are doable, but good light is hard to find in New England this time of year. Those seed plants are still hanging in there, but I'll only get dwarf buds from them. The clones in the flowering tent, on the other hand, are doing well.

My tent is way less crowded now that I've harvested 3 of the 7 plants I had in there. The Grail Widow F2s were taken at 12 and 13 weeks, and one of them looks freaking awesome. I also harvested the earliest of the Colombian girls, PRM2, which is also the best yielder. Here she is right before the chop.

The PRM2 colas look great, but have less odor than the other plants.

Next is PRM3, she has an amazing, complex floral spicy aroma and, surprisingly, she looks like she'll be ready in another week or two.

PRM4 is a few weeks behind the other girls, and was stunted from light deprivation under the jungle canopy. She has some room to grow now but the stretch is long over.

PRM6 is I think closest to the highland Colombian type plant, and will need at least another 4 weeks. Very complex spicy aromas.

Finally, here's PRM7. Seems halfway between PRM3 and PRM6. Incredible vigor and aromas.

This grow has been quite the learning experience. I'll never again pop more than 6 seeds at a time with my current setup. I need to re-think how I can control height...more mainlining may be in my future. I have come to appreciate how much work has been put in by Shanti, Nevil and their predecessors who tamed these beasts and gave us the haze hybrids of today. The hazey 18-week Angel's Breathe female I found in only four F2s will probably yield more than these five plants combined, and it will likely be more potent as well. Nonetheless, I will still continue my search for a killer Punto Rojo male.
I need to see what my angels breath f2's have to offer.
how long did the mother of your 18 week f2 flower for?
my cut only needs 75-80 max.
i have it growing along side a C5,
and i was thinking the same thing as you,
it is nice to have all this work put in by these other guys, saves us a lot of time and effort.
my angels breath looks better than the C5 atm. but thats just looks.


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@jack hairy, the mother of my 18-week Angel's Breathe F2 was chopped at 13 weeks. It was definitely a mango-haze-leaning pheno; all the others were indica leaners. If any of these Colombians can approach the potency of my Angel's Breathe F1 or F2 I'll be happy.


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Hey, was cruisin the net for beans and saw this

Allegedly it's a "columbian" punta rojo crossed with afghani by Bohdi.

Now I always remembered punta rojo (red point) being from indigenous tribes in Mexico in the Quintana roo area.
Hell I don't know, my information could be wrong....or not....I have nothing definative to really go by.

Big Sur

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Hey, was cruisin the net for beans and saw this

Allegedly it's a "columbian" punta rojo crossed with afghani by Bohdi.

Now I always remembered punta rojo (red point) being from indigenous tribes in Mexico in the Quintana roo area.
Hell I don't know, my information could be wrong....or not....I have nothing definative to really go by.
There was a lot of what was called Mexican red hair weed growing around Big Sur circa 1980, second generation stuff, bloomed and flowered earlier than Colombian Punto Rojo. According to my Colombian friends, Punto Rojo (red point) from Colombia was a distant cousin to Punta Roja, Colombian lowland red, from the east slopes of the western mountains in central Colombia. But in Colombia names for weed are highly regional, so they call it different things in different places there. For example, Punto Creepy is a name for sinsemilla in one part of Colombia, but is the name for an old high grade purple strain in northern Colombia, as well as in Costa Rica. On the news in Colombia they call Punto Creepy a GMO psycho weed that drives people mad with one hit. Reefer Madness lives on.

Also in Colombia, most of these heirloom strains are now extinct, and they say that us hippies are the only ones left that have any beans left of them. Its all Dutch indica crosses there now. Its pretty much the same in Mexico now as well.


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If any of these Colombians can approach the potency of my Angel's Breathe F1 or F2 I'll be happy.
I'm happy. :)

I have smoked small samples of my earliest plant, #2 that went 13 weeks, and the quality of the buzz is outstanding, with excellent potency. This plant is also the biggest yielder, by far. I took two tokes and enjoyed a clean, happy focused high that lasted over four hours with an easy come down, smooth as a glider on a perfect summer day. Four tokes this afternoon was even better, a bit more dreamy. High, not stoned. Beautiful sativa buds. Initial aroma in the jar is a fresh, buttery pine smell that is complex but subtle; this was the least loud plant in the odor department. PRM #2 is a definite keeper, great 100% sativa buzz in 13 weeks with a modest yield.

Upper colas fresh off the drying line. I'll probably make hash with the rest of the plant. Super easy to trim.

A dried but uncured nug. Very fluffy stuff, but lots of tiny resin glands.


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15 weeks

Thank you all for your kind words.

Cannafish, Don Marco has a nice ring to it. :D Maybe because I just finished binge watching Narcos Mexico last night...I enjoyed it and there was some good Mexican weed lore brought to light. I popped 6 of the TLT punto rojo beans 3 days ago and nothing has come up yet, so I'm getting a little nervous here.

I'm now down to only three plants in my tent; #4 the runt, #6 and #7. I harvested #3 last week. I did a shitty job of pollen control this grow because there are a lot of seeds in these plants, particularly #3 and #7, which I suspect grew nanners and threw a fair amount of pollen. Maybe I was careless when I made f2s, maybe pollen from my autoflowering AB1 in the adjacent veg cabinet made it's way to the tent intake. Oh well, it's not like I'm trying to sell this weed. If the point is to grow '70s throwback weed, the experience wouldn't be complete without seeds. :D

Here are a couple pictures of the two longest-flowering Puntobiche plants in the tent at 15 weeks.

PRM6 will go at least 18 weeks, possibly as much as 20. A few seeds, but not many. The colas I pollinated to make f2s have seeds that are very mature. Smells are not as loud as #7, darker, more spice and pepper. Still has mostly white-cream pistils. Colas are swelling very slowly.

Here's the apical PRM6 cola.

When I got some more room in the tent I untied #7 and let her dreads down.
She is an insanely vigorous beast with loud floral smells and buds that continue to swell at 15 weeks. The tips of the colas need another 1-2 weeks, but the lower parts of the colas look nearly ready. No amber trichs yet. Tiny, tiny trichs. I'll probably harvest this plant at 16 weeks. Yield will probably be pretty good, especially if I include the seeds. This thing is massively seeded. I did find two little nanners this week. I suspect there were more a few weeks ago, probably right in front of a fan. f the seeds come from nanners, it threw them after I hand pollinated the xPRM8 f2s, as the pollinated buds have noticeably dried up calyzes and sugar leaves.

Here's the PRM7 cola. It got a little purple on me. The colas on PRM7 are swelling impressively. I like the bud structure in this plant best, with the stacking calyxes.



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Now that I've let #7's hair down, I've found a couple more nanners. The nanners are hard to find on these plants with all the yellowing going on in the sugar leaves and the sheer volume of bud that needs to be inspected. They were impossible to find when the tent was stuffed full of vegetation. Such a pity that the most vigorous, odiferous plant has intersex issues. I think Charlie Garcia seemed to imply that the most electric phenos he found had hermie problems. She's also throwing new white pistils and swelling the tips of her colas, so maybe I'll hold off on harvest next week.

Six months since I popped these puntobiche beans, I've begun Phase II of my search for punto rojo. I popped six of the PR seeds from TLT and four have sprouted after five days. I'll probably pop a couple more in the next day or two if no more seeds germinate. My plan is to veg them for a couple months, take cuts in mid February, and flower rooted clones in early March.


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16 weeks

Hey Fish, it has been my pleasure growing out these Colombian sativas. You were kind enough to share the seeds you made with me when I wanted to start looking for a haze archetype in Colombian genetics, and it has been a pleasure to grow them out and share the results with you and our friends at MNS.

So I'm at 16 weeks and getting closer to the end of this grow. When I freed up some room in the tent and the remaining late-flowering girls let their dreads down started shooting new pistils in the apical 1/3 of most buds, which really extended the flowering cycle if I want to see amber on these trichs, which I don't because the earlier 2/3 of the buds will be overripe. I'm letting them go for a while because it's really increasing yield, and I don't have another batch yet waiting for the flower tent. I started PRM 7 tonight and will harvest in about a week or two. I probably won't start to flush PRM6 for 2-3 weeks. It's going to be a 20-week plant.

This is PRM4 at somewhere around 12 weeks. THis is the runt that was light-starved when the clone was put into flower. The root zone is almost nonexistent, and I can go over a week without feeding and the pot is still heavy. I can understand why a plant that was put into flower like that can have low potency.

Here's PRM6, the slowest plant with the earthiest, woodiest smells. The buds are still throwing new pistils and swelling, and the plant is sexually stable, which I'm finding out is important with these Colombian genetics.

And here's the vigorous, amazing smelling PRM7. This girl is huge and will yield fairly well. Especially with all the seed she made. Now that Rapunzel has let her hair down, I'm finding nanners all over the place. I think this is the plant that largely pollinated this grow. PRM3 could have contributed too. The tent was just packed too tight to keep on top of intersex issues the way I should have.

Yes, we have no bananas.

PRM7 apical cola. You can see how much new growth there is.

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20 weeks and done

Hey Marcus,

My longest flowering ones also were shooting white pistils at harvest.
Hey Fish, thanks for that info. I also read similar information in the Punto Rojo thread on CBG's club forums. It's worthwhile for fans of Punto Rojo and Colombian genetics in particular to use Google translate and read that thread because there's a wealth of information in there. A few other key take-aways from that thread:

  • Charlie Garcia found and discarded a lot of intersex plants along the way.
  • I get the impression that CBG's Punto Rojo is still being line bred and my guess is it's currently somewhere around F8. Maybe not so much a landrace anymore?
  • Charlie stated a few times that Colombian Punto Rojo has lost a lot of its potency and kick since the heyday of the 1970s/1980s. The stuff he's been growing isn't as strong and psychedelic as the imported punto rojo he smoked back in the day.
  • He also said Cripi has contaminated almost everything in Colombia, and that it was hard to find plants that didn't show cripi characteristics. I wonder if this could explain why I found a skunk-infested plant in my batch of 8 PRxMB Colombians. Has he been breeding the Indica out of the stock he received, or did he throw away a lot of cripi plants from most sources he tested but was still able to find a few sources for 100% unadulterated sativas?
  • PR leaves can be somewhat wide during veg, more so if vegged in cold temps and low light. More on that in a bit.

Tonight at almost 20 weeks I finally harvested the last two punto rojo x mangobiche plants in my flower tent. Here's PRM4, the runt that was light deprived because the (second) rooted clone was placed into the flower tent under an already dense canopy. I like the bud structure on this plant and it was sexually stable, until the last week or so because it was loaded with bananas tonight when I checked it. Hence the harvest. Smells are piney, lemony floral.

And here's the PRM4 cola...yummy!

PRM6 was identified early on as the skinniest leaved, longest flowering, most interesting plant of the bunch, most representative of a highland Colombian. Smell is less floral than most of the others, definitely woody with something slightly astringent and a hint of pepper. PRM6 was sexually stable until the last week or so when I started to see a couple bananas on the older, purple colas. What can I say about the 20-week flowering time? She threw a lot of new white pistils around 14-15 weeks and added a lot of bulk since then. I still don't see any amber trichs. Who knows? I hope she smokes like she was worth the wait.

One thing for sure, she was a beast. Jesus, look at this thing...

Here's the PRM6 cola at 20 weeks.

I'll summarize the yields and smoke quality in a few weeks. But a word on intersex issues. Out of the seven NLD plants left after I culled the WLD outlier, I got two males and five females. Only one had zero intersex issues, the male #8. So I'm going to keep him around for a while, and I have a lot of his pollen in the freezer. I loved the smells of #8 and he's vigorous, but his bud structure is fairly sparse and I saw very little resin on him. A good male from the sexual stability perspective, and he may have good progeny, but he's probably not the Colombian stud I'm looking for. Meanwhile, despite the abundant seed in the females, I'll have lots of good Colombian bud to smoke.


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When one door closes, another one somewhere opens...

I took a pic tonight of the 6 Punto Rojo seedlings I started about a month ago. These are the ones I sourced from TLT. I'm especially intrigued by the skinny-leaved example fourth from the left.

Other than that one, I think this current batch of PR shows wider leaves than the punto rojo x mangobiche seedlings showed at about the same age. The PRM plants are the bottom two rows in the below picture from last July that was in post #1...

I hope the wider leaves in this batch is from vegging in cooler temps and under weaker light than the PRM seedlings I started last summer. We'll see. The plan is to veg these for another 4-5 weeks, take cuts, and flower the cuts in March.


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Nice work Marcus! It takes patience to work these long winded mommas. We’ll have a cool one waitin for you when you get back brah :D! Hope you are enjoying the ride!



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Many thanks for the kind words, compadres.

Patience is required to grow out these sativas. I partly justify it because I hate to trim; sativas are easy to trim and I only have to do it twice a year. :) As I have no commercial interest in selling weed, I am unconstrained by flowering time in my quest to find the aromas, flavors and euphoric, psychedelic effects that suit me. In fact, I actually seek out weed with 16+ week flower times, because I'm convinced that's where the really good old-school shit is.

wow that last plant is a monster. I'm gonna smoke one to celebrate your harvest!

i'm bummed you got so many seeded buds, i'll have to send an extra cafeteria tray to roll your doobies on.

After seeing those crazy towers of buds I think that plant number 6 is more like the mangobiche in growth than the punto rojo. That was the one I marked from the beginning with the skinny leaves.:cool::cool:
Hey Fish! I've come to re-embrace the concept of seeded weed. That 70s weed was seeded and some of it was excellent. So it's a trip down memory lane when I de-seed weed. I cringe every time I think about the moment I threw my album collection in the dumpster...I want my copy of Quadrophenia back just to use as a rolling tray! Plus, seeded weed allowed the end user to select the best genetics and save the seed...for free! Adds weight too...I just set a personal best of 1.24 g/W on this last puntobiche grow, and I couldn't have done it without all that seed! :D

I have to hand it to Fish, he picked out the puntobiche keeper way back in early veg. PRM6 yielded 4.4 ounces of primo Colombian bud and I still need to make hash from the lower half of the plant. Aromas are evolving as the bud cures but #6 definitely has the smell that is most reminiscent to me of old-school Colombian with piney, woody, spicy notes against a mildly floral background. The lingering smell after burning a joint is reminiscent of the finest of old-school weed - the kind of smell that would really stand out amongst all the reefers being toked at a Jethro Tull concert, causing heads to turn and nostrils to flare in a wave of good vibes emanating from that one dude with the really good herb. The effect is outstanding. Energetic in a psychedelic way. Not devastatingly potent, but certainly potent enough; if I take 2 hits in mid morning I'm still high 4 hours later. High, not stoned. Allows me to focus. Super easy come down. Outstanding herb. Here's a picture of a dried bud from #6...

On to my next grow...I topped all six of the TLT punto rojo seedlings and am rooting two cuts from each plant; the top and one of the lower branches, which are quite small. Hopefully I'll start them in a couple weeks. Here they are right before I topped them. I've labelled them PR1-6 from left to right. PR2 is my favorite so far.



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Super nice!

I have been Vaping puntobiche oil, but have reached the end of the supply. It will be missed and has been my go to choice since I got it.

Enjoy and spread the word/seed!


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~4 weeks

The newest batch of punto Rojo is now almost four weeks into flower and they are really taking their time. Looks like only one male out of six so far, PR5. A couple of the clones were not rooted when they went into the flower tent and they took a couple weeks to get up and go, so PR4 and PR6 are runts (for now). They are stretching like mad and I've let the three largest grow through the LED COB lights in an effort to limit stretch. I've also halved the size of my hempy buckets this grow to 2 gallons, again, to attempt to control stretch. I expect they'll stretch until week 8 and all will go 18+ weeks. Not much in the way of aromas yet. I still have the seed plants going but will cull them soon. I'll be keeping watch for hermaphroditism.

Meanwhile, I've been enjoying the hell out of puntobiche #6, a really uplifting smoke. I act like a tweaker on the stuff, smoked it steadily one weekend and painted 2/3 of the upstairs rooms in my house. Clean, clear high with psychedelic aspects. Smell is developing into that wonderful spicy peppery Colombian smell. No burnout.
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