Scouting for girls with Neville's Haze


Well this is the start of a long road, i thought it was about time to try my hand growing some NH. Im going to veg these outdoors in the hope of finding at least one female to take some cuttings and flower out indoors. Im in Ireland so i know they wont finish outdoors but it will be interesting all the same to see what happens. Who knows, i might get a bit of resin at least! Seeds were started in soil on a windowsill on 11th of June, re-potted them yesterday and they will remain outside from now on.




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Good luck Alecky. They are in the cue right after the Mango, SSH, Master grow. :)



Hey thanks for the interest folks! So summer here this year has been really bad, we haven't had a full week of sun, its been wet, cold and miserable. I expected to have 4 NH's bushes by now but unfortunately i dont. I also left them in the small pots a bit too long, i repotted them about a week ago and topped them, i gave in and brought them indoors a couple of days ago too.

They look ok and are more manageable than i expected, the one in the top right looks a bit sickly, could be transplant shock, or shock from changing the environment overnight, time will tell if it recovers. Still no sign of sex but i expect things to pick up pace now they are under lights.

Heres a picture, ill be back when they show sex. :)



Thanks musashi! This will deffo be a long journey. :D

So a few days after i brought them indoors they just took of like wild horses, no stopping them. Even with topping and training i couldnt control 2 and they outgrew the grow space, i decided they weren't for me and got rid of them. None of them showed sex in veg on 18/6.

The other 2 grew vigorously too, but grew in a christmas tree shape and looked lovely, light green slender leaves and a nice floral type smell. They were easier too handle and i took clones of both and killed the seed plants. I put the just rooted plants in 12/12 on the 30th sept, this is them today, 2 males, 1 of which is a bit confused . Ive no need no need for males so these 2 are on the compost heap.

I hope to start a couple more seeds in the coming weeks, and ill update as things happen.



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Hello alecky !
I wish you a lush growth!
I 'still have never had the courage to Neville's Haze ....
I look forward to follow your post