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Very nice to see a thread on the Nev's Mango...interesting to see you prefer it to the MH...please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe NM is 62.5% Haze...jay:D

Joe King Park

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" I must Write Down The Strain Names In Duplicate " , I Think, Grover:eek:
It Makes Me Wonder What These Revegged " Stringers " Actually Are ?( Sweet , But Deeply Strong Up Close ).
Just Starting To Frost Up Now , But No Serious Swellage To Speak Of ( Heck, I Must Keep Reminding Myself It's Still Not Even July Yet, Lol
Plenty Of Time Still
I Remember Finishing Off M.N.S SSH In November @ 4 Degrees
( For Reasons Unexplained I Have Yet To Suffer Any Mould Growing Sativas Outdoors , And Always Get A Little Mould With Indicas ).
Last Year A Non MNS G13xSkunk#1 Went Mouldy.
I'm Repotting The Critical Haze Into One Of These 25 Litre Tubs , Which I Have Sourced From A Local Nursery.
Whilst There I Fell In Love With These Metre Long , Narrow Deep Trough Garland Containers ;)
They'd Easily Fit 3-4 Four Inch Rockwool Cubes . I Have Not Seen Them In Any Of The Links I Have And I've Bought Two Of Them For A Future NFT, Or Other Hydro Application. I Just Could'nt Resist Buying Them And A Friend Is Doing The Plumbing For Me.
Soil Is Expensive . Sorry ; Good Soil Is Expensive , And Hard To Come By.
Paying The Heavy Goods Surcharge On Top Of The Delivery Costs Makes Soil A Expensive Proposition
Having A Garden Filled With Lots Of Perlite From Previous Grows Also Can Sometimes Raise Eyebrows.
I'd Be A Looney To Start During The Hot Summer Months , So Hopefully I'll Be Growing The Penultimate Mr Nice Sativa Strain This Fall.
Something To Look Foreward To, Me Hopes


Grover Sativa

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Hey JB, You OK, buddy?
no, I won't correct you! You're right - I kinda rough guessed it whilst typing.Soz.

Yes, I am totally intrigued by the one on the skunky-side and they all smell better. My Mango wasn't a yielder at all, either. I know it shouldn't matter but I want reward for my efforts!

Actually, I still find the Mango a little 'stoney' if you can believe it...very hypnotic and mongey as well as the euphoric side.

I've smoked a lot of Nev's Haze in the past and it is much less stoney so something about halfway between the 2 (Mango and Nev's) sounds a bit better for me. If you add to that this smell and the extra yield...there's no going back now!

Grover Sativa

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OK, so my babies are maturing along nicely now.

The girl on the skunk side has fat, skunky, slightly fluffy buds. She is almost finished and has been on pure RO filtered water for a while now. Her stalks and leaves are not covered in resin at all buds her buds are almost silver where you would expect to see green due to a complete covering of tiny silver resin glands.

The tallest, meanest yielding girl is also the smelliest and most resinous but she is almost done, too. I have already discounted this one as a keeper because her size / yield ratio is just not worth it. She is being flushed.

The other plant is not really maturing at all yet. Her yield is also on the lightish side and her buds are 'foxtail' or running buds in a true sativa style. Her smell is also strong and, like the Mango Haze, she has resin all over her. Leaves, stalks, flowers - the lot. I am still feeding her.

The fourth girl went outside for force flowering but got abandoned due to the yield:work ratio! (or the laziness factor...) A cut has already been put in the 12/12 for assessment in the next run.

1 - Aroma : The smells are sour/sweet hazey, like the Nev's but with a fructose sweetness of ripe fruit. It is uplifting and on the 2 non-skunky girls it is very very grapefruity (just like some phenos of the SSH.) The skunkier girl is heavier and danker in her smell and gives off less aroma than the others until handled (mauled/squeezed/sniffed! hehe)

The smells seem to develop a complexity as time goes by.

2 - Growth : Tall. Stretchy. Planted into 50 litres of Light Mix. I controlled height with some success by topping the plants and allowing a lot of energy to go in the growth of 8 strong leaders (branches.) When all 8 were good and strong, I chopped off the bottom 4 branches. They were huge by this time and a lot of the plants growth energy had gone into making them, instead of growing 1 leaders upwards (8 times as fast!) Way more than half of the plant's total growth energy so far was totally dispensed with in that pruning and yet the plants still all have great root systems and strong stems and branches to support a decent yield (genetics allowing) Note:root restriction not necessary..
Each plant produces 4 strong colas on a short leg. The plants have a good open structure allowing light right down into the lower sections of the branches (an inverted pyramid, if you like..) meaning good sizes of bud all the way down.

Getting the most out of plants like these can be challenging. Controlling the fierce stretch; trying to limit the enormous energy the plant wants to put into growth without limiting the energy she puts into her flowers (so no pollinating allowed) is hard work.

I had no trouble with nutes at all. All the plants got an alternating feed/pure RO water cycle. The feed was REALLY light.Initially, RootJuice - but very little N. For the first 6 weeks after flowers appeared, a very dilute grow (N) and flower (PK) (with dilute supplements). I didn't increase the nutes over time. They stayed very low. After the 6th week I tapered the N down to almost zero and kept the PK dilute (up a little from 'very dilute'!). I did use some TopMax flower booster, though! The plants stayed very green (one is starting to pale as I flush her), I had zero 'fert burn' and zero hermies and the buds aren't at all leafy. When they have an estimated 2 weeks left, I move to just RO water, as a flush (2 of the 3 girls are being flushed right now.)

3 -Phenotype selection : until a full curing and smoking, obviously, nothing is sure but 1 girl is already a definitely out due to low yield. My thinking is this: this cross is about having a Nev's-like experience but without having to wait so long and with a bit more yield (IMO.) If I want something really on the haze side, with a long flowering time and lower yield, I may as well go for the full Nev's Haze. I am looking for yield and speed without losing too much haziness.
If she is any good in the smoke department I will choose the skunky leaning girl.

For anyone who actually made it through all my waffle - any thoughts?
For those who didn't - I don't blame you!!

Take Care

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Grover Sativa

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Plant #1 harvested on Saturday - and my WHOLE HOUSE stinks!!

The yield is low but the buds are special looking and smelling. Full of tiny resin glands and a really floral, fruity whiff. The smell is much stronger than you would presume from the flowering period...

Plant #2 is nearly done and has produced lovely, large, dense buds and colas. A real surprise .

Plant #3 isn't at all done and is producing tons and tons of wispy, airy, resin encrusted flowers. They are wispy and airy but there are just soooo many of them that the yield may yet be OK (well, not too bad, anyway.) Still weeks to go with this girl, though...

photos to follow


Grover Sativa

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I am so surprised that there isn't more interest in this plant (the last time I had company in here was JUNE!!!). It is the second highest ratio of Haze from all of the varieties and the smell, for sativa lovers, is just such a joy.

Imagine a really fruity Nev's Haze plant. Take 2 or 3 weeks off the flowering time and add just a touch of skunkiness. Bump up the yield by 15% or more and hey presto! (OK, maybe you'll lose just a touch of that electricity but hey- it's all a trade off..)

Indica smokers - look elsewhere. You have accidentally come to the wrong thread!!!

Maybe it's not interest in the plant..Maybe it is just that my thread is crap!! hehe

If anyone is reading this, get NHM and get it NOW!


BTW Plant 2 was harvested last night. Smell is not as pungent as plant 1 but yield is huge (ounces and ounces) and buds are sticky as fuck with immense bag appeal (not that it matters but hey!). Almost exactly 11 weeks after putting the seedling in 12/12. I wonder if the cut will take less time...
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I'm smoking some NHM right now.
Got 5 girls from a seedpack.
Quite a bit of variation between them.
Some looked skunky, others looked hazy.
Wasnt a light feeder, didnt seem hard to
grow which is often said of nevils haze.

Didnt find anything special, highwise.

Only 1 girl had a hazy taste with an OK
buzz. That was the lankiest slowest most nevils
haze looking one - those are the ones to watch IMO.
Another girl yielded very well, frosty, no taste, OK buzz.
The other three were hay.

Not sure I wanna run NHM again. It seems more like an F2
which isnt suprising since NH and MH are 3/4 the same genetic.

I'm gonna skip the NHM and do straight nevils haze on the next run.


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hi Grover

things look good in your garden , looking forward to see how they turn out in the end
I love the looks of that hazy dom one , keep up the good work and keep up the updates


I haven't run Shantis NHM but I grew the pure Nevs and MH as well as some homemade NHM I made myself and the plants we tested (outdoor grown)were very nice with unmistakable full haze flavor and a nice n strong sativa high , trippy yet clear and focused. Infact we were smoking some of this NHM the last few weeks and it literaly cuts through everything else , a real pleasure to smoke.

Haze hybrids like MH , SSH , NHM , NH etc are not the easiest plants to get right or reach their full potential from the first run and to be honest I 'm surprised to hear that you found 3 of 5 females being 'hay' in Shantis NHM and you didnt find anything worthwhile/special highwise. Maybe the selection sample was bit small but still I wouldnt expect to hear that it was such a disapointment considering anything I ve tried from Shanti was above average and all plants from haze hybrids were very good/great. I ve read one or two more 'negative' reports on NHM by others but none , including you , showed any pics for the rest to see how the plants were grown.
So you got any pics from your ladies to share with us?


Grover Sativa

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hey guys, thanks for dropping in.

L33t - she's a pretty one and smelly, too but she'll be on the 14 week line so she'd better smoke well!

LP - gutted that you had such bad luck with this one, especially considering the time that you must have put in. I will let you know how these girls smoke.
To be honest, I didn't like the skunky phenos in the Mango Haze - I found them a little bland, too. Maybe you found something along those lines. I hope mine is better but we'll have to wait and see.
As for the hazy ones, how long did you let them cure for? I find that haze plants can sometimes be almost worthless before at least 6 weeks cure and the same plant can be priceless after 3 months...curing is a MUST.

As for feeding - these girls have had a very light regime. Very light indeed. Maybe heavy feeding can affect the flavours of sativas..? (especially N, I suspect..)

I'll keep the updates coming and let you know how they go..



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Hey Grover
hey guys, thanks for dropping in.

L33t - she's a pretty one and smelly, too but she'll be on the 14 week line so she'd better smoke well!
hope that hazy one turns out to be a good smoke and worthwhile to keep

Maybe heavy feeding can affect the flavours of sativas..? (especially N, I suspect..)

I'll keep the updates coming and let you know how they go..

I agree these need at least a couple of months of curing , after 6-7 months of curing there is quite an improvement , smoke is smooth , hazy incense :D

Too much N can certainly ruin taste both due to stored N in the flower & leaf tissue , and due to the extra leafy growth / higher leaf to calyx ratio from the excess N. After 2/3 - 3/4 in flowering I find hazes don't need any Nitrogen , just enough P & K for the flowers to swell and finish.
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that's it!
mine smells nice. Not stinky, like the other phenos, but very pleasant.

OK, I have in my hand the first NHM joint from my girls. A few small buds, left in the drying room for a taster. The smell is very tropical fruit sativa.

The buds are uncured but hey - let's try anyway.

The taste of the weed through the unlit joint is like tropical fruit flavoured chewy sweets. Not unpleasant at all.

Grover Sativa

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I gotta say that I am loving the smell of the skunky one. She is still drying but looks very similar to yours. I'll post pics when she is dry. Her smell is picking up as she dries. I couldn't smell anything yesterday from her but that may be because the other dry one was in the room as well and she STINKS.


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How are you my friend? Well I hope. If I am not mistaken you said you had a joint of some nevilles haze mango cross. If you laready smapled it. What did you think? Strong? Have you tried the originl nev haze? How did it compare? Lastly vs the other sativas you've tried. MH, SSH, and any others. How does it ocmpare? Thank you ..Ns

add sorry I just realised you posted, and are likely enjoying that smoke right now. No rush my friend. I just didn't realise...get back here when your mind comes down from

add2: Say grover...You like the game scrabble? I have played since I was young. My mom a teacher before she passed, and she got mad when I started beating her in the game. I am greatful to her for what she taught me. Just wish that she knew that..hurry back now from space...Ns
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