Revamped auction site

J Auction Manager

Auction Manager
Dear Members,

We have officially completed our renovation of the Mr. Nice Auctions and hereby would like to officially invite you to come and join us!

A few things we would like to mention:

1) NO LOGIN PAGE: There is now no login required to view the site. A login is required however to bid access your account (just like the old site).

2) RESET/LOST PASSWORD: We have already transferred your account to the new website but to access your account you will have reset your password on your own.
To do this, click on the following link: and enter your username or email. If your username doesn’t work, be sure to try your email as well! You will receive a link to create a new password via email. We have done this to secure your account so no one else but you can login, but you!

3) RESET/LOGIN ISSUES: If for whatever reason, you are unable to reset your password and cannot login. Feel free to simple register a new account.
To do this, click on the following link: After, registering a new account you will receive a link to create a new password via email.

4) OLD AUCTION HAS BEEN MOVED! LINK HERE! For members who still have outstanding payments, the old site (old auctions) is still accessible for you. The site will still be live for a temporary amount of time for you to see your previous auction wins and follow through with your outstanding payments. Will be kept live for a period of 3 months. To access the old auctions site, see following link -

We renovated the site to improve user interface and create a more enjoyable platform for both new and old members. It will also allow us to keep up with this modernising world and provide a better overall service!

Please note that, in some functionalities of the site may not work if you have an ad blocker on your computer, so you will have to temporarily pause it when accessing the site.

We hope you will enjoy all the new changes!

If you have any questions....or there are issues with accessing your account, please dont hesitate to email us or

All the best,
Mr. Nice Auction Team