Recommend a MNS mother plant strain.


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What I would recommend for breathing issues while growing is spray with water/hydrogen peroxide solution
to eliminate mold spores, wash your floors with bleach and make sure there's a stronger exhaust then your intake.
But, I'm no expert so don't take it from me.
Master kush skunk is a must grow.
I've already grown 2 packs of it and all the cross of it (master kaze and the stones) and it never disappointed.
It needs a bit of selection but that's always the key to have a good mum.
Some phenotypes are really stincky so avoid if smell is a concern for you.
I'm going to get Master Kush Skunk for this experiment. I'm just going to consume my last Shiva Shanti buds, which has been my favorite Afghan-Skunk by this far and I assume that Master Kush Skunk is going to be close for that and of course hoping its even going to be better. I really want to stay in 10weeks of flowering at this time. I already won Afghan haze and Mango Widow from the auctions. G13widow is also interesting, but I get outbided and its easy to grow straight from seeds. I also like to keep plants height low, because the large plants make my apartment really high in humidity.
I'm not going to grow any of MNS camp strains, because they say I can't speech. Even its politics, it is still freedom of speech and I have a good purposes.


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I'm not so fan of femenized seeds, because one of those ruined my crop. Also if I grow 1plant and get 50g of dryed buds 10% of cbd, so it's 5000mg of CBD. I can buy a large bottle of full spectrum Finola CBD sativa tincture little bit if cheaper than 5female seeds, I think there might be even 5000mg CBD in a bottle. Let see how auctions go, thanks axiom!
don't let someone bad at making feminized seed make you hate them. I have planted as many regular seeds that have expressed hermaphroditism as I have feminized, technically more. and the only plant I couldn't make show stress hermies was a feminized cotton candy by delicious seeds from 2010.

That being said, always buy regular, make seed, never buy the same variety twice.