Psycho Haze


hey well jack herer is ssh too.... so it looks like one hell of a cross

the cbd would come in from i have no idea ;)

we´ll leave that one up to the horse, or least till next time i get him to talk

love an respect


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Outdoor Haze what latitude?

Nice to see those heads nodding! Curious about what latitude these are growing at? Not prying about location just hemisphere ,latitude.? Thanks for a glimpse of the great mystery haze!


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I have a 5 pack of these waiting to be put down, but will have to wait for the CBD Shark Shock to go into flower before I think about that!

Looking forward to it though, they look like some good oil plants.


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psycho haze

psycho haze is amnesia haze x nevilles haze.
seeds no exist any more .
just xave from botanic had 2000-3000.
ony feminized.
regular never existed.
small bud. ultra resini.
this was one of the best strains i ever worked with,

most similar you can find is medihaze from mr nice.
they cross the psycho haze with the cbd strain.
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