Pink Pistols anyone?

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It came from mum.

The pink pistols definitely came from the mother they are also showing up in other crosses as well. They range from a very light pink to a watermelon color, to a magenta. About half show the trait. Mother showed white pistols.

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Big Sur is that Maui from Swami?
From the same original genetics, but these beans were not from Swami. Its from another source of the Cherry Bomb heirloom from Mr. GreenGenes (RIP), Maui Waui 1977-78. I forced her to bloom here in August (early) this year. Otherwise she would still be in early bloom. She is frosting up now. The first photo was from late August. The second was from earlier this week. She is seeding up from a brother/cousin in bloom, but I did not light dep him, which was a mistake! The male is being stingy with pollen for some reason. Don't need much to make seeds though. These Mauis have variable phenos. The male and one female is all green. The one in the first photo is all purple stemmed. The one in the second photo has green lower stems with mid purple striped stems and top all purple stems. The purple/semi purple stem ones have the pink pistils. The green one has white pistils. They smell GREAT! This stuff looks a lot better than the Maui Waui I tended to get back in the 1970s. That was green with red hairs, like Punto Rojo, and not as potent as the local Big Sur grown stuff was then. My brother was living in Wailuku then, and working in Lahaina. We regularly traded weed in the mail inside cutout paperback books. No one on Maui believed the stuff I was sending him was from the Mainland. He gave up telling them I sent it to him and told them it was from Lanai or Molokai. I also got a lot of Maui in trade from dishwashers working in restaurants on the Monterey Peninsula. There was a large Hawaiian enclave in Marina at that time, just north of Monterey. They got it from family growing it in cane fields. Most of that was second gen Thai, but I may have been Punto Rojo or even Mexican. This stuff is said to be a cross of Mexican/Oaxacan and Afghan. it could well be. It looks a lot like my Durban Afghan cross this year which also has variable phenos with white and pinks pistils, and green and purple stems.


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I have 3 widows outside in veg/pre-flower, the 1 closest to the wall has pink pistils, also it is hardcore summer right now and they getting full direct sun for like 9 hours a day. Took cuttings of her as she's gonna flower real soon, so it would be interesting to see how this trait expresses indoors etc.