PINK pistils on my outdoor NHS.....


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.....5 days after summer solstice in Santa Barbara at our legal 215 grow. 8 of 10 committed to flowering NHS plants have beautiful PINK PISTILS. the only other time i saw pink pistils were in 1982 on the first indicas i ever grew, from bag seed here in Santa Barbara. anyone else get these pink pistil phenos?


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I believe these pink pistils comes from Shati's Skunk what he use in breeding.
Also I believe he use same Skunk in NS and NHS.

el Chunkarino

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Hello all,
I'm not running NHS at the moment, but I too am getting some pink, and even deep magentas on my SSH. I started a thread in the SSH forum and posted a couple pics as well. At the time of my last post I had cuts from 5/7 mothers doing this to some extent, I'm now up to 6/7 since this morning, the most recent very pale and almost have a melon color. If this comes from Shanti's skunk then he must also use the same skunk for his SSH. I'll leave a shot from last week for you and try to get shots from all 7 to show the variance and the lone whitey posted on my thread soon. I'm glad to hear that someone else is excited to see some pretty unexpected colors.