Piffcoast farms haze cuts- piff s2 and pity city piff

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we just got done jarring up the pity city piff. Ended up with nearly 12 ounces this plant is a great producer some of the nicest shaped sativa nugs I've seen. Its sticky and thick but not dense. I counted 4 reflowering periods and big ups to the mars led for not heat or spectrum shocking any of those reflowers. So interesting that the kiefiest and most potent smelling spears located halfway down plant. Seems some haze hybrids really like strong direct light but these pity city types which like less light seem to produce even more then those in direct light!
I used potassium sulfate as a flushing and sulfur supplement the last 10 days(flush) in addition I lowered day and night temps kept the far red led on longer. This was extremely effective to make her finish and could be applied to other haze hybrids. Pcity is known to just keep throwing white pistils indefinitely. At day 90 still had white hairs! The plants really responded in 2 ways. The sulfur made the fan leaves fade to a perfect pale yellow.
It also stopped plant from throwing new pistils or white. They all turned orange but not from pollin. This coincided with trichomes going from mostly clear on day 90 to a nice cloudy milky mix at day 100. So thankful for ppl like yo sammy who put the rockwool haze hybrid idea and formula out to the cannabis world. If a 300 watt led we ended up with about 17 onions. Coming from hps those numbers stand out.

Far as the smoke she is POTENT. A crystal machine leaving an astringent burning in the nostril. Def more of a 7up catpiss lady then a church but I love her just the same. My buddy did a great job keeping enviorment consistent this pcity plant couldnt have been grown better. However she isnt the brown. Lol. This isnt one of his lines just a clone passed while piff s2 piffcoast selected. That plant us special. The essence is indescribable. Pcity would be great breeding tool production strain. If you could inject a church shot into her she would be perfect.
Sorry for the absence hope ya enjoy the shots20210731_211406.jpg20210731_211342.jpg20210731_211535.jpg20210731_211205.jpg20210731_211137.jpg20210731_211031.jpg20210731_211057.jpg20210731_210815.jpg20210731_210857.jpg20210731_210533.jpg


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Pennywise420 said: "the sulfur helps stop the reflowering at the top of the plant?"

Good question, Pennywise420!

I am a bit confused about sulfur as I read it kills your pants, or sulfur gives you the best plants ever! And there are many types of sulfur to add to the confusion.

"potassium sulfate as a flushing and sulfur supplement"

Is potassium sulfate a liquid or powder?
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