People Sure Are Nice Harvest And Extra Harvest!


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"Things are very hard for very many people right now. At this time a smile, a thoughtful act, forgiveness, and generosity will echo long after the world had moved on. Now more than ever let the world see the real, deep love within. Shine out so those who have lost hope can find their way."

An article about COVID-19 that I was reading started out this way. It made me think of both my harvest and the 'extra' harvest I got this year, only because people had been so thoughtful, kind, and generous to me. Otherwise, I would have had no harvest at all! I had 12 of the most beautiful seedlings you ever saw going(of course ;)). The very first night I up-potted them, mice ate every single seedling, those phuckers! Now I needed a quick plan as growing season had started and I had no seeds and nothing growing!

The 3-part plan. 1) Get seeds fast. 2) Build a better mousetrap. 3) Plant more seedlings than a herd of mice possibly could eat. Maybe the phuckers would choke on them! I ended up with variety of seeds. One of these, one of those, some S-1's, a few that came from a dispensary from buds that should not have seeds, and unknown seeds. One seed turned out to be an auto-flower, no time to be fussy 😊 I thank everyone for their contribution! Now I could grow in 2020! And grow I did!

Built the mousetrap. 1 trap. 16 mice. 3 days. Yup, had a herd. Seeds germinated good. I think it was 25 of 27 turned into plants. After I made a selection for myself, I had a gaggle of plants to find homes for. 😊 Plants turned out great. So glad the mice ate the original seedlings. Loved these girls. Even gladder I built the mousetrap!

Seeds turned out great!

Had to find a home for these. People were nice enough to give me seeds, I'll be nice enough to give some plants! 😊


These had to go too! Lots of smiles there!


Local legendary grower who gave me some S-1 seeds. Told her to take what she wanted. She picked something not pictured. The smallest, frailest plant I had. Soon to be everyone's favorite plant of the summer, fondly called 'The Upside Down Plant'(Australian?). Dang, plant had 16 colas on it! I'd been lucky to get one cola! She gave me a jar of it to try. People sure are nice!


I would not have had any plants or harvest(biggest ever) if not for all the wonderful people out there in the world. Noticed there are quite a few nice people on this forum also! In addition to my harvest, I was gifted these jars from other people's harvest. Seems like there is more jars than plants I gave out! 😉 Sure are a lot of nice people out there out there in the world! 😊 Not my harvest, only what people gifted me!!! I guess I better get busy posting up in the "What are YOU smoking today?" thread!


"…a smile, a thoughtful act, forgiveness, and generosity will echo long after the world had moved on. Now more than ever let the world see the real, deep love within…"

A tender tale of the 2020 growing season.



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Living in the city, most of my neighbours are the dog kicking type of jerks so no soup for them!
Mind you, I do give the homeless my trim/shake. Most of my friends aren't even interested in anything 'free'
and are actually discouraged by herb these days, some moved on to harder drugs that give more bang for the buck,
or to drinking which gives them a consistent effect that satisfies their nightly needs.

Very grateful towards MNS for continuing to provide cannabis authentica. :)