Outdoor 13° north latitude fertilizer


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I am new to the area and want to do some outdoor growing in micronesian islands area. I included a photo of local soil samples .. the closest area to me is right above the yellow line it is volcanic and basalt land. Average temperature about 80° in temperature and humidity in daytime is 65 or 75 and nighttime 85 or 90 year-round . Looking for a good simple outdoor nutrients to use..I have used advanced nutrients products in the past but I do not want a 15 part nutrient system I am looking for something more simple. I love a good sativa and have grown many Mr Nice seeds indoors so any good sativa suggestions that will work in high humidity is appreciated thank you for the advice


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Neptune’s Harvest Fish and Seaweed.
0E4AC11D-2630-4D77-84F1-33B9498ACB39.jpegBomb proof.
As for Sativa suggestions I love the heck out of Skunk Haze. Mango Hz would be my 2nd.
The new strains Holy Smoke and Holy Grail beg to be grown outdoors at that latitude. Best wishes