Ortega s Book of infos


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Hi Max,
a few questions for you,before I give a comment on Ortega.
1. what is the sq ft of your room?
2. what are the type and wattage of all lights used?
3. what is the maximum ambient temperature/humidity of your room.
4. ceiling to floor height?

Well Water is fine for plants if it is fine for human consumption,
one thing to watch for is Calcium Carbonate ,arsenic,heavy metals...
all of which can be removed or dramatically lowered with a quality carbon filter system or a compact RO system like the one I use.

MNS Ortega Indica has so far been a real pleasure to grow,
exceptional plants once a root ball is established
You are dealing with an Afghan Indica people!
STOP DROWNING the seedlings!
I bet at least as many seedling are root rotted than ever get grown to maturity.

Afghanistan is a dry desert climate,
not a tropical rain forest like Thailand or Columbia...
Remember this when growing Ortega/Nordle/Medman/Devil indoors.
once your seedlings have emerged...stop and think before watering that plant...
lift the pot,if it is heavy...leave it alone do not water.
Make the plant reach/search for the moisture and nutrient already in the soil.
put the planter in water catchments if they do not already have a water well under the pot.
Water from the bottom,let the plant suck up the moisture from the bottom.
This will guarantee a solid well established root ball...

Going into bloom.
I usually go 18-6...transition with 24 lights off...then start up with 12on 12 off...
the plant will TRIGGER when it has recieved the right amount of darkness for that individual plant.
Ortega is very uniform and the seedlings look like clones
so hey Shantibaba did it right AGAIN.

Dont roast the seedling by placeing them took close to the lamp.
How close is too close?
Well place your hand under the lamp...you tell me how close is too close.
Common Sense is an amaizing thing !

If you go into your room and it is stuffy,damp,hot...
Then you have NO exhaust ventilation...Move the air .
A well designed grow room is a nice place to be on a hot day or a cold day .
if it is hot for you then it is hot for the plants too.

OK I guess that is all I will say,it should be plenty.
Thx for all these advices scorpion,,
However ventilation, soil being aerated and well drained and most of what is written above is worth for all cannabis strains and not only for the Ortega variety but thx for your comment.

Mary Mary

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Seed Bank Originals Updated:2002-09-16

Seed Bank Originals Updated:2002-09-16

Ortega Indica#1 (Ortega Indica x Kush Hybrid 1.2) produces large, chunky, potent, sticky buds on a vigorous indica kush plant. Buds are potent, resiny and pungent

Ortega Indica#2
Seed Bank Originals Updated:2002-09-16

Ortega Indica #2 (Hash plant-NI#1 x Ortega Indica) is a combination of 3 Indica-Kush strains and produces an extremely potent resinous, hashy tasting bud. Restores the pungent, skunky taste missing from most other varieties. Outdoors in Middle Europe this hybrid is a vigorous, hardy producing strong branching, 3-5 foot tall plant. In Middle Europe it matures the first week in September. In southern Europe they flower almost as soon as they are planted, producing small plants maturing in mid-August. Indoors copious buds on stout plants mature into resinous nuggets in 45-55 days.

Ortega Indica#3
Seed Bank Originals Updated:2002-09-16

Ortega Indica #3 (Ortega Indica x Nothern Lights #1), combines two of the strongest Indicas to create an extremely vigorous hybrid. Not as pungent as some indicas but extremely pungent Outdoor in Middle Europe the hybrid is vigorous and hardy; producing strong branching on 3-5 foot tall plants, and ripens early September. In southern Europe, they flower almost as soon as they are planted, producing small plants maturing in mid August. Indoors copious buds mature into resinous nuggets in 45-55 days.

These are the last seeds produced by the original proprietor of the Seed Bank. As this breeder ceased working with Cannabis Seeds over ten years ago, these seeds are a rarity. An old friend of the breeder released these seeds from a Dutch freezer last year in a time of great financial difficulty. The seeds all germinate into incredibly vigorous F1 hybrids, the result of the true breeding parents used in these seeds, the final edition in one chapter of a master breeder's work.

Once these seeds are sold, they cannot be replaced. Making your own lines of these strains is advisable and desirable, but you will never forget the originals.


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Hello, I had made a thread here in the Ortega section yesterday asking about the finish date.

Dose the discription above reflect MNS Ortega? I understand that flowering time could differ, but would plant trigger mid July at about 45 degrees? Northern hemisphere?


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northern lights

I've grown seed bank originals all around the Midwest, mostly northern lights hybrids with good sucess. I would buy a pack and grow indoors until you find a couple of keeper females. It really comes down to selection of the best female's for your particular situation ie Minnesota/yeild/potency. My guess is the version of the Mr nice Ortega comes from a breeding that was never released by the seedback called nl#5 pure. But that's peculation, you'll have to ask shanti.

Mary Mary

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G`day TH

I`ve grown Ortega , but only indoors .
Its a tricky proposition at 45 deg Lat . The days go from long to short very quickly . Then cold rainy weather arrives .
Early Skunk , Early Queen are designed to finish at those kinds of Lats .

Trying to translate indoor flowering times to the change of seasons outdoors is not easy either . Some plants will trigger into flower on 13 or more hours light . Others need much closer to 12 to initiate .
The one that trigger earlier are more suited to higher latitudes .


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Hi MM,

I have grown older releases of early skunk and early girl outside with success the potency was not all that good. Some plants better than others so selection of a mother is still key. Northern lights will finish at those lats with much better potency. This of coarse was many years ago and I'm not personally experienced in any of the current offerings. I do have a pack of ortega, how was the smoke?



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I grew Ortega ID in my hydro setup and was pleased. I expedited a real indica stone and that's what I got. I let mine go to about %30 amber an it was good night weed.

I can finish most 8-9 week strains up here! So I know the Ortega / nl5<? Will finish but it would be nice to know if it would trigger @ 15 hr of day.

Isn't NL a good plant for mold resistance?
What is the make up of the Ortega, P1 and P2. F1?

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Trimming and herms

A lot of ppl say to trim the lower branches, to guard against herms.
Just wondering if you tied the plant down, and grew it horizontally, would that allow enough light in to the whole plant?
I tend not to top/tip plants, and let them stretch sideways, so the whole plant receives adequate light.