Ortega outdoor finish date?


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I have been a long time reader here at MNS and enjoy all the info. There is a lot to learn and most of it can be found easaly here. World class genetics with some very educated grower can make for some mind popping reads.

I have been a long time indoor grower, hydro, soil, bla bla bla. But have recently started to love growing outdoors. Big plants just doing there thing for a few months just seems right.

Anyways, I live up north and winter comes fast up this way. MN.. I need plants that finish early and MNS has a lot of choices for me and my area but I was wondering when a Ortega would start to flower up here in the north for me.I'm asking because I fell in love with her when she first came out. Her and I would kill it in a RDWC! Lol

Any info on the Ortega would be nice... Size, mold resestince, reaction to organic ferts,....

Thanks in advance, I hope someone could help point me in the right direction.



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well the only concern where you live with Ortega is with early rains and high humidity...as it tends to be compact dense flower. The best maybe to erect a plastic roof similar to a tent covering to deflect excess water in this time...all the best sb


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July threw September seems to be a faverbale time of year for cannabis here in Minnesota. So if I were to find a plant that flowers early and finishes by mid to late September I would be able to avoid this problem.

You don't know when Ortega starts/finishes outdoors do you? I was thinking that it being Afghan it would start to flower sooner then later. I want a chunky budded plant. I enjoy the indica's. I want to give your critical mass a try but would like to go with the Ortega just because of its legendary status. I will deal with the bud rot when it comes

Thanks for the reply SB. It means a lot!
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