Ortega cropping?


Hi fellow Ortega wanted to know how behaves with the super cropping or FIM pruning, if any it has to say as it is, thanks


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hello man, i never grew ortega but i read its better to prune all the lower branch or spaces who don't received enough light to prevent male pollen sacks so its a bit of a sensitive strain i read but still a very good strain, i read really good reports of the effect, very sleepy effect good for insomnia.

About topping and supercropping FIM ect... i read a thread where the grower topped his ortega plants since post #27 with nive results https://www.mrnice.nl/forum/5-strain-base/3728-mns-ortega-grow-3.html

happy growing
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Thanks for the link. Outdoor I do not think I have hermaphrodite, a friend grown last season and perfect .... but are not discrete if you leave them in apical