Ortega and Hermies 2015? - Any experience by you guys?


We grew 20 females of it 5 years ago, and the only hermies we got were when the plant went really far into the ripening process.
A few plants, threw a few bananas, which, IMHO is NORMAL in many strains, and is a survival mechanism. I don't consider this a true Hermi.

Also the best plants yielded like a MoFo, but we also had a SSH, and it was better all around, so we kept that, and its still going 5 years later. It is an F2 out of 200+ females.

While Ive had some better pot, Mr. Nice SSH we have is really good, and nothing so far will out grow, or out produce it. Will get 24oz from 1 plant under 1000w Hortilux HPS, 20 gallons Promix BX... Everytime. Like Clockwork, and is done in 65 days.

But out of many females, the only Hermi I saw in Ortega was if they go a really long time. These are indoors, but have no light stress issues in any way. Been using this room for 30+ years, and is very dialed in.