"Ortega" 10 feet under.


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Little Bigger

Hi there HHHG :)

All the bugs worked out 10 feet under was a hastle but now is AWESOME!!!!!!

I feel in touch with the earth and all the security comforts needed to be undetected.

The current system is 1850 watts, using two water cooled radiators to keep my temperatures consistant 65 to 70 degrees 45 to 55 % humidity.



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18 seeds and only one Ortega female found 👨😏

This project has taken longer than I planned with selection process and found four keeper females and one Amazing Full blooded Ortega Male�� that stinks allot with sticky stems was kept,a very Awesome Male! Pictures soon.

1.) Ortega Female was almost lost at the beginning of grow do to full strength vinegar spilling directly on the rapid grow and freaked as this was the only pheno that truly resembles the Original Ortega plant I almost killed.

I flushed the 4 inch container immediately with one gallon of ph balanced water but still lost most of the leaves. I then removed the rapid rooter from the soil and flushed it with another gallon and hoped for the best to save her.

Well, I saved her and she is very close to being photographed for all to see as she is a beauty��.

2.) The numbered phenos I kept are 1,5,6.

#1 is the smelliest and what a stocky short Beauty to behold with very fast flowering didn't even consider this one but is very very special and very fast flowering girl so I keep.

#5 is a Massive fast cloning female who smells of berries so kept her to until I make a selection, Amazing female.��

#6 I believe is the fastest plant I have ever experienced and believe she is a finisher in either 6 to 7 weeks so I kept her ��

#1 smells GREATLY! Like none I have selected up till now with the Ortega phenos is a real stinker and Deadly to look at so I kept her.��
She clones like a dream and the buds are quick to form a massive short female.

Pictures eventually but not now.

That Massive Fat Ortega Male is amazing to look at,and his leaves are almost twice as big as my hand,from another world and the only one found in pack as the other males were lanky tall with not many side branches unlike this one who is a Beast��

These are keepers I will share soon.

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Sounds great resinbud, good save on the pickled plant!Its also great to have a fast finishing plant to keep you in bud! Looking forward to seeing the pics. :)


good to hear your man cave is done and those temp if only i could have them with lights on in july and aug no matter what ive tryed but all in all im pleased with how my heat keeps me trying to fix my area better and i have come along ways with this and my nute trial that took me for a long time to find the sweet spot but im doing good now and very pleased now so i will grab me a stump and watch this with open eyes if you dont mind have you grown ortega before? just wondering if your like me and just move on to the next one it sure is fun to watch them grow,you know?


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Ortega female/male are seed plants.

The other females are clones only 1,5,6.

Alecky, Ortega roots were definitely pickled ��
But pulled through and very nice to have a fast finisher for sure for quickies.;)
Thanks for the interest in this thread I will do my best.

RATJACK- man cave not completely ready but working on completion soon but is operational and deep underground.

Those radiator coors work wonders in confined space especially 1850 watts of power has to be cooled immediately to work but stays optimal.

The one thing about small grow spaces is you must sterilize all soil before planting anything or you will have an infestation of bugs.

The air in my man cave is sealed from outside bugs that destroy fast.

No, I have never grown Ortega and is first time growing it and was very secret.

I am only sharing now as I have selected the keepers out of 18 and all for were the fastest and smelliest so made decision on selection using smell,vigour,looks,plus a few more things and they all met my standards so went by instinct.

I want a sleeper,medical,and sativa in my harem that clone easy and get the job done.

Ortega can't be chosen growing only a few beans do a full pack or two is a must if you want a great pheno as they all are not the same I assure you.

My #5 is a Massive bud machine with multiple branches many beds and the biggest stretcher but not much.

I only keep myself supplied so very few is all I need but man cave is secure.

More to come




Id love a man cave, i have a cold damp miserable man shed at the end of the garden, and in truth, its only a man shed because the missus wont go in because of the spiders!! :D That girl in the 3rd pic is a beauty!


Id love a man cave, i have a cold damp miserable man shed at the end of the garden, and in truth, its only a man shed because the missus wont go in because of the spiders!! :D That girl in the 3rd pic is a beauty!
man cave or man shed there all the same if you can have your cave all to yourself i know these old lady needs to have a peek from time to time but she's all mine nonetheless. mine is half underground (backside and side is completly underground) built into a hill that all i care to say about my man cave resinbud. if need be i can live there like a bomb shelter with food and water to survive if need be. Im just thankful to have such a getaway for pleasure and well if the world desides to loss it cool maybe to hide for a while until the nuts get things figured out. I will be growing ortega when the schedule allows me. there is so many and as you know patients is a factor in growing. i will have more ? when i think more on what i want out of that grow. I want as close as i can a NL my son use to have that the group had for 15 yrs they where outside in cornfields for many years and lost that cut, i tryed to bring it back for them but she was just spent and wore out to much abuse they forgot to take care of MOM. Sorry day that was after all these yrs i cant find the one after hundreds and hundreds of plants F1s but still trying RJ


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Man Cave

Yeah, a very nice feeling ten feet under and as they say (a home is were you make it ;) Security # 1 Rule!

alecky, just be safe no matter what cave you dwell in ;)

RATJACK, a shed attached cave is OK just use proper scrubbers and follow rule # 1 as I know you do.;)

News about phenos:

#1 is a Master piece of a pheno and only one with Purple stems within 18 beans.
And is a deep Oder of stink , only one out of 18 and short with sturdy cuttings to take just Awesome!

#6 is a very fast girl 6 or 7 weeker and is a nice girl,very nice with the heaviest so far bud wise,a very nice fat

#Ortega girl is just a massive special girl that is unmistakable out of 18 beans and almost killed her with vinegar a seed plant that is Awesome!

#5 is a Massive Girl more than her sisters out if 18 beans Monster Bud Machine with very nice cuttings get ready ;)

#3 is another pheno with No side branching just bud sites and very little leaf a real beauty for SOG.

All the rest were similar, so all in all I found 6 different females phenos all very different out of 18 beans with most males blooming spindly and found only one Ortega a Male that is incredible and smells looking forward to him for future use.

Much more to come.



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Hey RB,

Thanks for the thread - I have enuff of the latest batch of Ortega seeds to give it a fair run soon - btw it'll be my third Ortega try - I'll be watching this thread with great interest.

Be Good, P77


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Hello Proff77 thanks for following and will be a great show for all interested in Ortega.

That Massive #5 Ortega is clone and was flowered small but still a Christmas tree in person filling out daily.

That #3 Ortega was a freak pheno I wasn't interested in at begining and failed to take a clone until recently with a tiny cutting down below at very bottom?��hoping it roots?��

Wait till you see my Baseball Bat Ortega seed plant female SPECTACULAR!!!����
And also #6 with #1 are all Great.


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Hi all, just a quick update on a few phenos #1,#2,#3,#4,#5,#6 :D

I have sampled only the ones listed above and the Baseball Bat Female Seed plant hasn't been flowered yet do to Emergency flush do to a mistake with vinegar.

When I first noticed this Ortega girl was with all her sisters and she looked Extremely different with looks than the rest.

She has this separate look that is unmistakable and thick solid structure even all the way around almost cylindrical with tight clones to take you will see doom.:cool:

#7 is one I haven't sampled and is a fast one 6 weeks I really believe so hope the clone sticks, fast and Big buds and could be a keeper :rolleyes: shoulda coulda woulda. Seeing all of them blooming and sampling to find the one ?

Well, I found the ONE and she is numbered one as well, and purple stems, fastest to clone and the smell is deep very deep WOW!!!!!💥:p she is a Bad Girl!!!very Bad Assssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The quick dry dehumidifier proved to be Extremely Powerful a Keeper and a quick cloner.

All the rest so far are Euphoric but a calm and focused very nice but nothing like #1 in the power department Wstch out for this one as nothing out ther Indica wise can touch the power of #1 Truly Outstanding Smoke and I haven't even chopped them but soon! Awesome is the name of this strain!!!Grail!!!!

The Ortega female seed girl could be even better:eek: very possible but will be close and if you came across my #1 don't loose her Another Level of the universe! Get some.:p




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I am so happy for you. I can feel your excitement and it is contagious!

Cool runnin and aloha nui loa, brada



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#7 sampled

Thanks for the complement Musashi��

This just keeps getting better :p

I just sampled #7 Incredible Smoke ��

This one is powerful as well with very nice smooth intense euphoria for the ride.

That #1 is just a POWER hit that is Slamming with very nice afghani flavor with a strong power wave that just keeps building Incredible experiences with a smooth transition afterward.

Hoping for a root cutting with #7 a true 6 weeker like what is said about it with a wonderful high that smears all the rest with the onset like now, this is another great one done in 6 weeks with a numbing euphoric bliss as now.

Still have that "Ortega" girl :D

And when you see her you will want her so wishing all of you success finding her and she is Massive cylindrical Master piece!

#1 is a Purple stem stinky Hammering Master Piece.
#5 is a Monster Berry Smelling Master Piece.
#6 is a Fast smooth euphoric sedative Master Piece.
#7 is a true six week wonderful Master Piece.


RB ;)
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Hello Stacy

I would not hesitate buying a pack, as the smoke is one of a kind and extremely smooth and deceptive especially my #1 SCARY POWERFUL.

The branches on this particular pheno rides the leaf stem on every level and EXTREMELY NARCOTIC !!!!:p Just Amazing.

All of my girls have turned out outstanding in the smoke department but #1 is the BOMB!!!

Don't forget I still have my cylindrical Ortega female to flower out Just Massive and cant believe how she looks different from all the others.

Soon I share and thanks for stopping by.